Aug 11

A month ago it was published some leaked images related to a design that could be of the iPhone 5. Some manufacturers of protective iPhone cases have considered those images as real and made the first prototypes of future housing for the next iPhone. Based on those prototypes made by CiccareseDesign MacRumors and more images give a more concrete idea of what could be the design of the future iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Even if in the past, especially in terms of iPad 2 rumors of this type are a bit confused, they did gave the false impression that Apple wants to implement a USB connector, the same thing happens with the rendering iPhone 5. iPhone 5 seems like an absolute novelty on the shape of the Home button to talked in the past, it is possible that Apple have changed dimensions, introducing new swipe gestures-such as the ability to get from one applications to another which is in background, thus justifying the presence of a larger space dedicated to this button.

Actual screen size of iPhone 5 is a very crucial aspect of the drawings shown in this article. As seen it has a larger display than the iPhone 4. Regarding the back of the device, that looks very much like that of an iPod Touch, are likely abandoning glass present in the current design of iPhone 4 introducing aluminum as was done in iPad 2. Regarding the final device dimensions, iPhone 5 is thinner than the iPhone 4 and a little bit wider.

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