Dec 04

If you have a portable product of Apple then surely you know that the battery can not be changed by you at home in any way and you have to go to an Apple store or authorized service center to change it or to change the whole device. Many people wondered the reason behind the decision not to change batteries and a patent of Apple offers some explanations in this regard.

Apple patent says that its product design is extremely important and through it users define the experience they have with a product. To provide a pleasant design and a good experience Apple has designed its products to be pleasing to the eye but useful too, and that involves giving up of certain benefits and the ability to change the battery is one of them.

Of course there is also a financial motivation because Apple wins a lot of money from the changes of products whose batteries are not good; customers are forced to pay for repairs and new batteries. The impossibility to open the product has practical reasons for Apple to ensure a certain extent that users will not damage the product when they opened and to not replace the original parts with other non-original. For each of these restrictions there is always an explanation but that of design is not very convincing for me.

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