Oct 04

12 hours separate us from tonight’s event but in the time some new information appears about the products that Apple would present them at the conference that will start at 20:00. It seems that the new iPhone 4S will be more expensive than the iPhone 4 although there will be a 64 GB version.

Apple prefers to keep the product price to ensure higher sales. Basically iPhone 4S of 64GB will cost as iPhone 4 32 GB, iPhone 4S 32 GB will cost like iPhone 4 16 GB and iPhone 4S of 16 GB will be with 100 $/€ cheaper that means that iPhone

The 8GB version of iPhone 4 which will be introduced starting with the bid  of iPhone 4S will have a starting price lower than the iPhone 3GS of 8 GB, of course, everything are only rumors right now. In terms of product release date, October 14 seems to be brought to the fore again and if Apple will decide tonight when developers submit will be little time to prepare their applications for iOS 5.

Since the IOS 5 GM was not launched, I would say that iPhone 4S could be available between October 19-21 to give developers the opportunity to prepare their applications for new operating system but we will learn more tonight.

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