Jan 23

You will review some aspects, namely:

  • Mobile phone brand: your purchase is very important for more importance known brands: Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple iPhone, Sony Ericsson. Do not be misled by the lesser known brands, which offers many features but will not give a quality product.

Attention! Buy phones only from specialized stores, to give you the invoice and guarantee great attention to this aspect, especially if we decided to invest a considerable amount, try to avoid second-hand phones.

  • Defining qualities phone: quality is to be found: stability software, hardware stability, finishing design. You know that for some mobile phones, the battery stays charged longer, about others that have different functions: MP3 player, games, and video camera, or just look like you want.
  • Mobile phone battery: stand-by site is an essential criterion in choosing the phone. Usually for a new phone, the battery standby for 5-7 days. Standard cell battery type is Li-ion (lithium), lithium-polymer. We recommend to buy phones with Li-Ion or Li-Polymer
  • Mobile phone memory: his memory may be intense or external. As an authorized user, you will definitely look for a phone that have stored a large number of gigabytes, for various other compatible programs, music, store pictures and videos. If your phone does not have enough memory for all applications you want to copy them and use them, there are memory cards compatible with mobile phone type: micro and mini SD, with a capacity of several GB of memory that complements mobile phone.

Tip: Try to buy a phone that has expandable memory card to store more data, especially if you are using media files (photos, music, movies). The phones are included with the purchase card minimum, but specification terminal functions and you can buy cards with higher capacity.

  • Mobile accessories: are also very important, and is proportional to sell technical functions and duties of the phone. If mobile phone memory is large enough to support many music files or videos in the package you will find a hands-free, wired or Bluetooth .. Also, you need a data cable and a USB cable or infrared-based one, to transfer files and applications in your computer. Charger is obviously always present.

Tip: For mobile brand known more easily find quality accessories for the other categories unknown, have difficulties in finding compatible accessories.

  • Design: competition between companies producing mobile phones is customary. With each model, try increasing compression of features and technology various fields to serve the user in becoming more varied. Already, Japanese companies are about to put the mobile phone market model with which to be able to have access in their own apartment or house, so to replace the traditional key. The phones look more ergonomic design with minimized weight, looking as thin, but at the same time to provide benefits to all criteria for use: large memory, a wide range of colors as, to allow the use of applications similar to the computer (Windows or other operating systems) and many other functions. Gadgets in mobile phones are among the most hunted by consumers.
  1. Business class – stylish design, practical, robust
  2. Class young people and teenagers – oriented media functions
  3. Standard Class – basic functions
  4. Fashion Class – dedicated exclusively to the ladies

Tip: When choosing a cell phone, check in advance where you can ask if one of its components do not work while the machine is under warranty, and are also maintenance costs if the phone is no longer is in warranty.

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