Oct 26

Apple’s new iOS 5 brings quite a lot of old news to iOS 4 and changes are not just about icloud, Notifications Center or camera but also the operating system interface. In this article we have illustrated images changes introduced by Apple for UI iOS 5 and many of them are very subtle. For example in the picture above shows us that the badge was changed shadow applications are now gray and not black.

Can you find it hard to believe but the distance between the icons of applications has increased by 2 pixels more precisely, a difference almost invisible to the naked eye. As you can see in the image below and the difference of only 2 pixels was taken from the right side of the screen and moved the center to center everything in the idea that icons for iOS 4 note that there is a discrepancy between the space left by the icon until the edge of the screen.

Finally Apple has made some very subtle changes that few would be found without SpringBoard of our image analysis but above all you have presented.

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