Aug 17

GravityLockScreen is a new tweak released last night in Cydia that allows owners of devices to remove the LockScreen slider that helps us to unlock our terminals. Instead the slider we do not have anything and unlock is now made by simply “drag” of the LockScreen’s up to the top of the screen. Tweak is called GravityLockScreen because if we not completely the draw up the LockScreen then he returns to the starting position and will cover the screen again without doing unlock. By pulling up the Lockscreen we will display the applications already available in Springboard but we will not be able to access them.

GravityLockScreen brings a style that is similar to the Android but the iOS is required a swype from the bottom up and for Android the screen can be held in any part. GravityLockScreen works independently from Winterboard and of other tweaks, so you will not have problems whatever you will install. GravityLockScreen is available in Cydia in BigBoss repo’s for $ 1.99.

GravityLockScreen adds physics to your lock screen. It adds a new way to unlock your phone with smooth animations and customizable settings. Adjust the gravity and bounce in the settings panel


  • Winterboard independent
  • Adjustable physics
  • See more of your wallpaper, removes slide to unlock bar
  • Notifications are seen as usual
  • Looks great with Windows OS7 themes
  • Runs well on older devices

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