Nov 02

Google Maps proves to be much harder to maintain than some imagine so from 1 January the company will charge a fee for those who wish to employ the satellite positioning system. For start Google will ask for money developers and sites that generate more than 25,000 views per day, the company putting a price of $4 for every 1000 impressions over daily limit. Google says that 0.35% of its users will be affected by this change and say that everything is done to ensure the functionality of Google Maps in the future.

From 1 January 2012, Google will charge for the Google Maps API service when more than the limit of 25,000 map “hits” are made in a day. Websites, especially travel firms, use Google Maps to link customers to a view of the destinations they inquire about. Google is rumoured to be charging $4 per 1,000 views in excess of the limit.

For start few people will be affected but there is the possibility that future application for location using Google Maps to be more expensive. Developers will support the start up costs when the price is too high and will be transferred to users. I guess in a few years Google will require all money to use Google Maps, the most popular online service to view maps.

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