Apr 05

Google Glass Project – pair of glasses with camera and augmented reality will replace the mobile phones
Glass Project from Google is already in the testing phase and involves a pair of glasses that seem SF, but are closer than you think and soon will reach in stores. Glasses looks just like in the picture below and it does not involve those classic lenses, they are rather a headset surrounding the user head and give the necessary information.

Google wants to refine in this way the search, photography, interaction with virtual locations and loved ones. Imagine that a 3D map is shown to you in real time while searching for a landmark in the city, all of these on the small screen of Google Glass. Glass Project includes voice recognition/voice search and news area for video calls or emails. You can share the statuses on Google +, by dictation or give check in using voice commands.

There is also the possibility of menu navigation through this unique gadget using your eyes, a system already tested and especially helpful in scroll lists of tracks and playlists. Photography is also possible, with a discreet camera built into the headset. We have seen in many games and science fiction soldiers equipped with such equipment, used for communication, guidance and analysis surrounding environment. Well, this thing will become now reality!

Windows Phone Marketplace reached 80,000 applications
Windows Phone is growing from month to month and this thing is at least when we’re talking about store that has reached at 80,000 applications. Value is high if we consider that the mobile operating system debuted in late 2010 and, in less than a year reached the above mentioned statistics.

They speak of a growth rate of 340 applications per day. WP7 Marketplace applications are not available in all countries.  In U.S. are offered more than 69,000.

Others news:

  • App Store – more than 600,000 applications;
  • Google Play – around 500,000;
  • Nokia store – around 100,000 applications;
  • Windows Phone 7 Marketplace – 80,000 and growth is accelerated.

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 were officially launched not too long ago. There are some waiting for Nokia Lumia 900 which has a similar design and hardware as Lumia 800, but with a 4.3 inch AMOLED display.

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