Feb 08

Google claims that the fastest browser on the PC is now on mobile devices. The main advantage is that it comes with access to the user’s Google account. If you have left switched tabs on your home computer, they can be accessed on mobile or tablet anywhere. Suggestions for auto complete and list bookmarks will be taken from Chrome Beta browser on your PC. Privacy settings will be available on the internet browser, including browser’s Incognito high mode.

Google Chrome Beta for Android wants to be very fast. When the user search for something on Google, the first results pages can be loaded in the background to be given easy access to them. Address bar will be the same omnibox from the PC browser. Navigating through the tabs could not miss, but in this case, they are displayed at the top and the user has easy access to them.

Google Chrome Beta for Android is now available on Android Market, but do not hurry to open the application. First, the new mobile browser is available only for devices running Android 4.0. Perhaps the limitation it’s because of the resources that your browser need. Ice Cream Sandwich can not run on any Smartphone or tablet, currently targeting only the latest devices, with very good performances. We have some good news, Google said the browser will be available in all countries and all languages.

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