Mar 05

Google is working on his own version for Siri, assistant with voice command available to users that are using an iPhone 4S.

If all goes as planned, soon users of Smartphones based on Android will be able to tell search terms for Google Search engine, or put several questions and the phone will answer using voice synthesis function.

Google Assistant is intended as more than a stand-alone application, with plans to integrate its services in all kinds of applications created by third parties, thus adding an interactive way, more efficient user interaction. Assistant Service has the resources to the entire arsenal Google, the company controlling all the elements ensures functionality: search engine Google Search for general information on queries initiated and Google + for custom analysis and results with greater relevance to the user.

According to rumors, Google Assistant is the next major project for the giant search engines like Google+ introduced last year. Unfortunately the first practical demonstration of Google Assistant is not yet available and the company planning to officially announce the new product only to end this year.

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