Dec 02

Apple boasts that from several years made devices which screens are treated with an oleophobic coating that prevents the formation of so-called traces of grease during use. Well Apple has a really smart marketing team that at practice does not handle very well because everything they say is nothing more than a big lie. To solve this problem a team of German researchers has managed to use candles to make screens more “resistant” to fingerprints.

By holding a glass slide over a candle, the scientists were able to deposit spheres of black soot 30 to 40 nanometers in diameter on its surface, creating the precise kind of texture that would repel oil. While it’s been known what kind of surface roughness would be necessary for oil-repellency, creating it had previously proven difficult.

The German researchers were able to make a layer consisting of silica and soot called “superamphiphobic” which apparently would protect the screens against water and oil. Of course it is not known how well this system works so far as official tests were not performed but I am reluctant about its usefulness. So far no manufacturer has failed to launch a mobile device whose screen is “resistant” to fingerprints and I do not think we will see such a device in the near future.

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