Jun 24

Honestly I always enjoyed the games of “doodle”. Even now I think Geared type games, Doodle Fit, Jump Doodle, Doodle God are the most successful mobile applications from the market.

Today I will only talk about one particular application and that is Geared, a free android application.

Geared is a puzzle game in which you are the engineer and combine the gear to put in motion all the wheels on the board work. You will rotate in different sizes, areas where you cannot put wheels, areas where you can put wheels but to move between two points, etc.

The game is like doodle. It’s so lively because it is a pleasure to play. Also, if you like to show off to friends then every 30-50 levels you will have the opportunity to become Geared Guru, Geared God, Geared Engineer etc. I leave you to discover all these achievements.


  • Superb gameplay
  • Superb graphics
  • Is free
  • Does not occupy much space and can be moved to your SD Card
  • The iOS version is paid


  • Less advanced devices can have performance problems on when you try to put more than 10 wheels on the screen.

Download Geared now.

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