Aug 26

Yesterday I read the results of a poll (which I unfortunately no longer find it) made by the owners of iDevices and most prefer gaming on the iPad to the detriment of the iPhone. Seeing the results I realized that since I am an iPad 2 owner I prefer to use the games to the detriment of the iPhone and the choice is logical.

The Larger screen of the iPad 2 makes it more suitable for playing games because when you press on the screen does not cover a good part of the game space as happens in many games for iPhone devices. If you have an iPhone tablet and an iPad then maybe you have been enough times in the position to prefer to get a heavier and a larger tablet to play any kind of game and let the iPhone apart.

If I have the chance to choose between playing a game on iPhone and another game on iPad, then I will always chose without reservation the iPad tablet because the screen is bigger than the iPhone. iPhone can be used only for games when you are left in town or if you find a game that you like and it is not available for iPad.

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