Jan 26

1. Angry Birds – a game that I do not think needs any presentation. It was ported and IOS, Symbian and is in May and Windows Phone 7. It’s simple concept, but need to pass certain levels and some strategy.

2. Angry Birds Seasons – a continuation of the successful Angry Birds. Now is linked with Easter Bunny and rigor.

3. Angry Birds Rio – birds must be released and available levels two months: March and April. Each month a new set of levels can be played. Background music is pleasant, especially when navigating through the menu.

4. Tank Hero – you need little encouragement to destroy tanks and escape  to go to the next level. The graphics are not much, but you draw game play.

5. Crazy Snowboard – recently found a sports game. That’s why I did not too well in video. They learn quickly and now after I learned the tricks are real virtual card.

6. Poll Master Pro
– one of the best free applications developed pool of Market. Like the game above is a recent discovery. Towards the end I got the cue and directions how to shoot.

7. Football Kicks – you have to goals from free kicks to be converted into points and bonus points in turn in the game. There are several options: over a wall with five misses maximum contretemps – in 60 seconds to score as much as possible or at the first session of the game ending mistake.

8. Bonsai Blast – a kind of Zuma on the Android platform.

9. Raging Thunder 2 –  is inferior to games like Asphalt 5 HD, but has the advantage of being free.

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