Apr 09

It seems it’s innovation week, so after Google Glass Project glasses now Samsung announced an evolution of its flexible screens. Displays shall have a name now – Youm, and Korean manufacturer promises that this technology has evolved quite a lot that can be implemented soon.

Samsung Youm was already patented together with the technology name WAMOLED, PAMOLED and TAMOLED and now is rumored that we will see the first device with a flexible screen this year. Below you see the action which gives a prototype of the future mobile terminals. The new screens are not only interesting because they are flexible, but also because they are very durable, lighter and thinner. The result will be a series of phones and tablets and slimmer body flexible, perhaps even watches/bracelets that are mobile, a theme often explored by concepts.

Samsung can achieve this performance by removing as many layers of display, especially the solid and glassy ones. The result is Youm that has four layers: Polariser, Encap, Organic and film TFT. The first terminal display that we expect at the end of 2012, with the possibility to delay until early 2013. Can you imagine a flexible Galaxy S IV?

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