Nov 12

If you think application developers and software for mobile devices influence the market directly to users, it seems that Android is a much better future than the iPhone. The market study conducted by IDC’s Accelerator and pointed out that Android developers prefer a percentage of 58.6% compared with 34.9% rated at iOS of the total.

Accelerator and IDC survey conducted in 2363 a total of Titanium Accelerator developers in 14 to 16 September this year. In June, another poll that asked the question “What operating system do you think will be most successful in the future?” 54% of respondents chose the Android against 40.4% who opted for IOS. New survey results Accelerator comments:

Why are so convinced the Android developers? The main reason is that 72% of Android developers believe is best positioned to run on a large number and variety of mobile devices in the future, “while 35% believe that the IOS is better positioned.
Google encourages developers a little more than talk if the Apple TV digital media market with a share of 44% pro Google TV compared with 40% who are interested in developing an Apple TV.

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