Oct 02

FakePercent is a new toggle for SBSettings that allows users to falsify their percentage of the battery from the device. The tweak has a dedicated menu in Settings application from iOS that you can enable it and set the percentage checker of battery that you want to see instead of the default from iOS.

With the percentage change you will have a fixed value to be displayed whether the battery is discharged or loaded and you will not know when to put the device on charged. FakePercent is freely available in the Cydia in repo BigBoss and require SBSettings to function.

ActivAccess for Activator is another tweak released last evening in Cydia that allows us to set certain gestures to activate functions of Accessibility system on iOS. Apple introduced Accessibility in iOS to help those who suffer from visual impairment or hearing to use these functions but can be useful for any iDevice user.

This little add-on for Active insert into the list of available gestures and Invert Colors functions (to reverse the colors displayed on screen), VoiceOver (the function that reciting the words on screen) and zoom (zoom function that makes the text displayed).

Toggle Accessibility functions via Activator. This will add several actions to Activator used for toggling various Accessibility functions.

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