Aug 10

Facebook bought in February the instant messaging service offered by the Beluga and with the entire team that charge of its implementation. Now has found the true reason to make this acquisition.

Faccebook as you know, has recently renovated  the service of instant messaging to integrates different functions, SMS, a mail box, a chat management more efficient and more. Well today appeared App Store from Apple in the U.S. that enables Facebook chat between utilizes.

The application is called Messenger, available now only in U.S. AppStore for free and also available now and for Android. The application is very similar to that made by Beluga in last year.

Application, free in fact, is equipped with a push notification system that enables sending messages to a group of buddies on Facebook or in contacts on the phone, in this case Facebook buddies posts are sent utilize instant service and messaging friends from contacts and then will can sent an SMS or you can display the geographical position of a friend and can go offline.

Even if the application does not bring any news out of the made available through the browser on Facebook, they hopes to bring more people in this circuit, instant messaging, especially now that Google makes its presence felt through their intermediate service Google +.

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