Oct 10

After months and months where Facebook delayed the launch of its own application for iPad its developer motivated to go to Google, so here we finally have the application available in the App Store. Tonight the American company officially launched the application for iPad that you can download free of course.

The application has a special UI designed for Apple‘s tablet and certainly many will be glad to receive the 10 inch tablet screen when they use the new social network application. The application launched tonight keeps the UI found during the summer version of the TechCrunch so if you tested it on that you know for sure what to expect from it. The application for the iPad brings the main functions of social networking plus the ability to play games in fullscreen mode or upload pictures or movies directly from the tablet.

The good thing is that you can watch videos in HD on Facebook and you can stream your tablet to a 2G Apple TV using AirPlay function. Together with the iPad version of the application will be launched and a new version for iPad that will bring several new features to the popular phone owners.

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