Mar 17

With a new and fresh interface, the update for terminals running Symbian was very well received by users, even more because it came with a faster browser, virtual QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode of display, and other improvements, some of them necessary, while others, meant only to give the experience a special flavor, as happens with other operating systems.

Symbian Anna can be downloaded using Ovi Suite, namely version 3.1.1., directly from the Smartphone, or, as appropriate, directly on your computer. Finns are long term plans: Nokia plans to provide support and updates until 2016, aiming to significantly improve the user experience on phones that run Symbian. Thus, at launch, the Finnish company is committed to make the Symbian Anna one of the best operating systems on the Mobile Smartphone market. And not for nothing, especially if we think the enthusiasm with which users received this update.

Finally, Symbian Anna, as stated before, comes with several improvements, which more or less interesting and attractive for users. Besides bringing a new look to Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 and Nokia E7 terminals, update allows faster loading of Web pages. Moreover, the screen can be divided in two areas and allows you to write text on the touchscreen. Plus, it allows viewing messages folder, some web pages, contacts, e-mail along with the text by typing a specific virtual QWERTY keypad.

This feature is as interesting as it is innovative, even if, indeed, for some users is not necessarily useful. Instead, it seems that Nokia has thought about these users, trying by Symbian Anna, to bring about significant improvements in all areas possible. For example, the update has increased functionality in terms of looking for new transport routes, access roads, etc.., With Nokia Maps. And if we think the other versions, you have to admit that, undoubtedly, Symbian Anna excels even in this chapter.

We don’t have to forget that in the same time the updating comes with a number of improvements in terms of business functions. In other words, it seems that Finns have thought of all users who might just use this operating system. Thus, we worked a lot more security enhancements to data encryption on Nokia Smartphones. Simply, users can access the company network, in conditions of total safety, without ever worry that some of the information or data can be stolen from their phone. This is due to the support functions for IPSEC and SSL VPN.

Symbian Anna came as a breath of fresh air and certainly it is only a small part of the impetus that the Finnish Nokia company is taking in the last time. And not for nothing, because, in recent years, the company has lost much ground comparing to Apple and Smasung gigants. For business users, Symbian Anna comes with enhanced security with data encryption, instant messaging, enhancements to e-mail (eg, meeting request), Microsoft Communicator Mobile, while, for developers, the functions are: Java Runtime 2.2, Qt Mobility 1.1, Flashlite 4, Qt 4.7. And all these functions can be as useful for any category of users.

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