Nov 08

You all know that Steve Jobs said that Android OS is a faithful copy of the iOS, which apparently would be true if we can believe the way that is look the operating system. The whole theory is based on the fact that the Android “father”, Andy Rubin, worked at Apple in the ’90s, when engineers developed the first technology company in Cupertino of iOS/iPhone.

Steve Jobs says that Andy Rubin stole the ideas from Apple and launched Android bought by Google in 2005 but now come Eric Schmidt and says that Android’s development began before the iPhone.

It should be noted at the outset of the two products nuance that speaks Schmidt: Android and iPhone. Apple has not said what first started working on iPhone or iOS technologies but I think that iOS it was made ​​before the iPhone.

Even so, it seems that Android was first developed with physical buttons phones going but after launching the iPhone has been redesigned to work on touch screens. Steve Jobs said in his biography that he would spend the last penny out of Apple for Android’s market and now Apple has had some successful attempts to do this but running Android OS products.

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