Dec 11

Carrier IQ is the company that helped the install in iDevices, Android smartphones, Nokia or Blackberry devices allowing to the software manufacturers and mobile operators to monitor the user activity on their devices. On Android is the biggest problem because Carrier IQ works as a keylogger and monitor each letter typed by users. Although some did not want to admit this, Eric Schmidt, the chairman of the Google board, admitted that Carrier IQ software is an “acceptable program”.

But he made it clear that Google does not approve of Carrier IQ’s methods. Its software is pre-installed and collects data in the background to report back to operators. Users are unable to disable it without completely wiping their smartphone.

Although Eric Schmidt acknowledged that the Carrier IQ is not good for users, he said that Google had no interference in its implementation in mobile devices. Moreover, Eric Schmidt said that this software was able to be implemented in Android OS as an open platform and talk that Google would not how to stop it. Fortunately, all producers will get this software from all the devices that iOS and Android OS installed but unfortunately it took everything to become public before this happen.

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