Aug 08

After meeting with top executives of the Apple, analyst Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets said that those from Cupertino are truly interested to launch a low cost version of iPhone. Even if they spoke a lot in this time about this economically iPhone we not have reliable information about the intentions of Apple, the eyes are fixed on the future iPhone 5.

This confirmation should come from COO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer: Apple would have the intention to launch an economic version of their peak product but it still to settle if such product would be good enough for Americans. It known that Apple wouldn’t want to invest money that it can in the future may prove counterproductive.

Although the news about iPhone launch a low cost could give thought to those who consider the iPhone a superior product to other phones, it is true that such a product could generate substantial wins. From the 1.5 billion phone users worldwide, two thirds of them don’t have subscriptions and have prepaid cards, but a launch of an economic iPhone with free contract, will find some buyers among these users.

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