Apr 16

We can’t talk about Didit! without mention the Clear for iOS, the most acclaimed planning application. The tone of originality, which Clear launched using a gesture-based interface, was adopted by Didit!, but not in a manner in which we should consider a simple cloned application.

Didit!’s interface is a very pleasant one. Large buttons, menu designed using graphics from Ice Cream Sandwich, quick response to commands. The first time is shown a guide to use gestures. There are not so many and you’ll learn very quickly, by seeing the logical structure of lists. To add a list use the “+” displayed at the top of the main screen. Once called the list, we can define tasks using gestures. For example, add a task to tap the screen twice rapidly to rearrange them and you hold and move where you want to delete them or indicate to those performed using swipe gestures left/right. Color lists and tasks may vary depending on the theme you choose, we have three such subjects. Alternatively you can select how the list will show the indicator and their sorting criteria.

I recommend you Didit!, for those who want to define tasks in a simple and effective way. The application can be downloaded free from the Play Store.

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