Sep 09

In the past, before launching a new product, the old Apple products could be found increasingly harder and delivery terms for them grew slightly. Today those from Apple increased the delivery times for all iPhone 4 devices purchased in the U.S. and already is speculated that the change would be related to launch of iPhone 5. Until today any iPhone 4 ordered from Apple’s online store was delivered within 24 hours whether if you are talking about the coded models on AT&T or Verizon, or about the devices available decoded.

The increased delivery time is a result of declining stocks of the device and the news from today about growing the production of iPhone 5 units may have some connections with this change. In the past MacBook’s began to be harder delivered before the release of the new series for the iPhone so theoretically should be the same situation although the change may have connection with any other problems.

Apple has not officially announced its launch, everything we know about it is limited to the rumors but the Chinese are promoting iPhone 5 in their own country. Several resellers of Apple products have made banners with advertising products and they hope to attract a few customers that they have no idea what it means to have an iPhone.

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