Jul 26

1. CNN

Now you can see the latest live streaming video, most important and most spicy news. You can check the weather, traffic and added as many others. This application connects your iPhone with CNN and it has a very friendly interface, specific to iPhone models. You can even send some news by email, you can send it right on the SMS, Facebook or Twitter.

Stay up to date with everything that moves in the world with this application. Information is vital in our days and this application can be called a business application because you can notify any move and take precautions. Therefore if you want the latest news, we recommend this application.

2. MTV News

Be aware of everything that moves in fashion world. MTV News iPhone application enables you to find out what it’s happened to your favorite star and it is very useful too. You can find news about everything.

You have acces to movies, pictures, interviews plus much more await you in this application for iPhone. Once it is connected to the Internet, star will not have any secrets from you. If you are daily interested in fashionable world then this application is all you need.

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