Nov 27

A few months ago Chronic Dev Team boasts the most advanced solution built around untethered jailbreak several exploits found in Apple’s iOS 5. A month and a half after the release of iOS 5, Chronic Dev Team has released this solution, even more still working on it today… and will launch a program to monitor the crash from our iDevice.

Chronic Dev Team will publish today an article on its blog that will explain everything about this new program and will help them to develop faster the jailbreak solution for us but is largely useless. So far nothing is known about the functionality of this new program but we know that untethered jailbreak solution will not be launched today, so do not expect it.

In fact no other pseudo-solutions team jailbreak developer will not release anything and yes, I know that is rumored to launch a possible solution of untethered jailbreak today but that is a great trick and I need to warned you about this kind of tricks. In conclusion, untethered jailbreak will wait a few weeks in the computers of those who develop it.

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