Feb 14

China became the world’s largest market for Smartphone, ahead of U.S., being delivered not less than 24 million phones in the third quarter of the last year in this country. With economic development, increase purchasing power and living standards, Chinese has increased interest in smart phones.

According to the Strategy Analytics, in China were delivered in the third semester of last year 23.9 million Smartphone, and 23.3 million units in U.S., 7% less than the same period in 2010. Increasing demand for intelligent terminals in China was 58% higher than in 2010, allowing otherwise an easy victory against American rivals.

Have been sold worldwide a total of 112 million Smartphone in  the third semester of last year, up 42% compared to last year similar. Smart mobile phones represented 26% of all phones devices sold , with a slight increase from 25% the percentage of the second quarter.

Leader in this segment in China is Nokia’s market growth is good news for the Finnish manufacturer. Chinese market is many manufacturers, from the famous and expensive, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson to local producers, cheaper, such as Huawei and ZTE.

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