Apr 15

ChevronWP7 started as a group of hackers who created the first “jailbreak” for Windows Phone, then be part of a formal collaboration with Microsoft, mor exactly the ChevronWP7 Labs project. Today they end this project and analyzed its results.

ChevronWP7 team created ChevronWP7 Unlock software, which intervened in the communication between your WP7 and Microsoft servers, making the terminal to unlock. The software worked only on WP versions 7004 and 7008, giving up to his NoDo update, but then Microsoft came on the line and created ChevronWP7 Labs project. This allow homebrew software/third party on the device’s Windows Phone, and this tool costs $9 per handset. In addition, it allowed up to 10 homebrew applications installed on your phone.

After several months of use, ChevronWP7 Labs has sold about 10,000 of tools release, and the purpose of this experiment was actually setting a third party open community of developers around the platform. It noted that there was a slight confusion on the solution of the ChevronWP7 Labs, some people believing it’s the SIM unlock and others believing that it was a group of hackers that provides full access to root. It’s good though that was a rising a passionate developer community around the platform WP7, which needs a lot of market share up to compare with Android and iOS.

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