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Apr 15

ChevronWP7 started as a group of hackers who created the first “jailbreak” for Windows Phone, then be part of a formal collaboration with Microsoft, mor exactly the ChevronWP7 Labs project. Today they end this project and analyzed its results.

ChevronWP7 team created ChevronWP7 Unlock software, which intervened in the communication between your WP7 and Microsoft servers, making the terminal to unlock. The software worked only on WP versions 7004 and 7008, giving up to his NoDo update, but then Microsoft came on the line and created ChevronWP7 Labs project. This allow homebrew software/third party on the device’s Windows Phone, and this tool costs $9 per handset. In addition, it allowed up to 10 homebrew applications installed on your phone.

After several months of use, ChevronWP7 Labs has sold about 10,000 of tools release, and the purpose of this experiment was actually setting a third party open community of developers around the platform. It noted that there was a slight confusion on the solution of the ChevronWP7 Labs, some people believing it’s the SIM unlock and others believing that it was a group of hackers that provides full access to root. It’s good though that was a rising a passionate developer community around the platform WP7, which needs a lot of market share up to compare with Android and iOS.

Apr 05

Google Glass Project – pair of glasses with camera and augmented reality will replace the mobile phones
Glass Project from Google is already in the testing phase and involves a pair of glasses that seem SF, but are closer than you think and soon will reach in stores. Glasses looks just like in the picture below and it does not involve those classic lenses, they are rather a headset surrounding the user head and give the necessary information.

Google wants to refine in this way the search, photography, interaction with virtual locations and loved ones. Imagine that a 3D map is shown to you in real time while searching for a landmark in the city, all of these on the small screen of Google Glass. Glass Project includes voice recognition/voice search and news area for video calls or emails. You can share the statuses on Google +, by dictation or give check in using voice commands.

There is also the possibility of menu navigation through this unique gadget using your eyes, a system already tested and especially helpful in scroll lists of tracks and playlists. Photography is also possible, with a discreet camera built into the headset. We have seen in many games and science fiction soldiers equipped with such equipment, used for communication, guidance and analysis surrounding environment. Well, this thing will become now reality!

Windows Phone Marketplace reached 80,000 applications
Windows Phone is growing from month to month and this thing is at least when we’re talking about store that has reached at 80,000 applications. Value is high if we consider that the mobile operating system debuted in late 2010 and, in less than a year reached the above mentioned statistics.

They speak of a growth rate of 340 applications per day. WP7 Marketplace applications are not available in all countries.  In U.S. are offered more than 69,000.

Others news:

  • App Store – more than 600,000 applications;
  • Google Play – around 500,000;
  • Nokia store – around 100,000 applications;
  • Windows Phone 7 Marketplace – 80,000 and growth is accelerated.

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 were officially launched not too long ago. There are some waiting for Nokia Lumia 900 which has a similar design and hardware as Lumia 800, but with a 4.3 inch AMOLED display.

Mar 21

It’s still unclear what is updating Windows Phone Tango, especially as to spread the name Windows Phone Refresh lately. Most of the XDA Developers have discovered that WP version brings a new limit of multitasking applications, increasing it at 5-8, thanks to improvements in low memory management system.

Tango also bring improvements in terms of MMS, provides a more efficient contact management on the card and a new icon for the alert on the location. Microsoft now offers information about memory status of the device’s Windows Phone, a counter memory information section of the settings. Updating Tango arrives at existing terminals, with modest equipment, but that hardly after handsets with 256 MB RAM will be launched in China in future weeks.

Tomorrow will be an important day because Tango version officially begins in China and is rumored that Nokia would have a phone or two ready for debut in most Asian countries. It would be interesting to see and new mobile formats, now that they have low requirements, perhaps even a touch screen and keyboard phone like the Nokia E series.

Mar 20

This is one of the first questions that a person who bought a Windows Mobile phone ask. To come in their help, I made ​​a list of the most famous sites in the area. Order they are presented is the order in which I recommend you to visit.

1. XDA-developers
It is the largest community of developers and users of Windows Mobile. You can find here applications, skins, ROMs and information for almost all (maybe all) Windows Mobile terminals. All applications are available for free (you can make a donation if you want and appreciate a specific application).

2. Freeware Pocket PC
A collection of free applications for Windows Mobile, organized in categories and easy to use. They released the official application that allows browsing and installing applications on your phone.

3. Marketplace for Mobile

Marketplace Microsoft official site. It was released much later than was the case and the number of applications is quite small. It worth to take a look on the free applications from here, even if XDA and PPC Freeware are much better at this chapter.

These would be the locations for free applications. If you search the net you will find plenty of sites with applications, most clones of the above.
In terms of application money, the situation is slightly complicated and you have two options: either buy them directly from the vendor’s site or try to get them out of money on horses “unofficial”. I recommend the first option!

Mar 18

The first Windows Phone 8 operating system details targeting features, expected towards the end of last quarter of this year, appeared in previews of specialized sites.

It’s about a PocketNow presentation, based on a video made ​​by Joe Belfiore for a number of partners Nokia according to Webnews. According to source, Windows Phone 8 in version called “Apollo”, promises great opportunities, thanks to a 4 new resolutions for display and a major elasticity in terms of hardware requirements, based on a common DNA with Windows 8, which will open around range of compatibility.

The details contained in the presentation include Date Smart project, already described for Windows 8 and extended to WP8, providing intelligent management of traffic and connections, with the objective of assisting users. Another item worth mentioning is the fact that applications can communicate with each other, opening up some interesting opportunities in the world of programmers.

The chosen browser is Internet Explorer Mobile 10, which will use the group servers to compress the flow and reduce transfer time out in a manner similar to that adopted for Amazon Kindle Fire or own Opera browser.

SkyDrive will be the heart of Microsoft’s cloud-computing galaxy and will allow in a particular way that WP8 terminal achieve an update, ensuring consultation and the availability of a large number of resources stored in the “intelligent cloud”.

Last but not least, Skype will offer a greatly improved experience, but this time will be installed as an external application: integration is not a standard, Microsoft continuing its strategy of isolating part of the service, keeping it as part optional.