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Apr 12

New series of Samsung Glalaxy Tab 2 tablets is a little better and cheaper than the one it replaces, and for that we to  say thanks to Apple rival, which has reduced the price of iPad 2 tablet at just $400.

While Apple still adhere to the strategy of a limited supply of new products, but aggressively promoted and sold in huge volumes, Samsung has opted for a tactic of saturation of the market with all kinds of Android tablets in an attempt to cover every format, level equipment or range of possible prices.

Having already launched so many tablets, many of them being successful, Samsung has chosen to present the new Galaxy Tab 2 series only as an improved edition of the Galaxy Tab tablets for few months ago. Consequently, new Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 specifications sounds pretty familiar: screen resolution of 1280×800 pixels, 16 GB internal memory and microSD card slot, 3 megapixel camera on the back side, that same dual-core processor at 1 GHz produced by Texas Instruments.

Along the exterior design, in terms of improvements we have Android Ice Cream Sandwich, promised by Samsung for older versions of the tablet, but delayed for reasons more or less justified. The news also include a set of front stereo speakers, located to the side of the screen, that an infrared transmitter that you can use in combination with Smart Remote application to control almost all devices on a home theater setup (even those that not manufactured by Samsung).

The package comes with 1 year of free subscription to Dropbox online storage service, where we have available in which to store 50 GB collection of pictures, music and movies. While the tablet comes with a recommended of $400, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a high-end product and a direct competitor to the iPad 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is addressed to midrange segment and aims at a more reasonable price of $250.

Tablet configuration includes the same dual-core processor at 1 GHz (TI OMAP 4430), 1GB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage and microSD slot, infrared transmitter, that Wi-Fi N and Bluetooth. Unfortunately smaller screen comes with a low resolution to 1024×600 pixels, rather than by current standards but acceptable for the price paid.

On the back side we find the same 3MP camera, and the next screen we have a VGA camera for video calls. Unfortunately left stereo configuration rather than a single mono speaker, on the front. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 comes first in the United States, followed on May 13 by Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Mar 22

As is challenged by users worldwide, the new iPad tablet seems to reveal more problems: overheating in games, trouble charging the battery, and now the problems with stability WiFi network connection.

IPad 2 users, now the owners of a fresh new series of iPad tablet accuses a weak reception of WiFi signal. Inconvenience to the edge appears mostly to the range of wireless network, but also in locations where a standard laptop or old iPad tablet 2 have any problems with signal stability. According to reports from users, the signal is affected not only stability but also transfer rates obtained, it is sometimes even four times lower than those achieved with iPad 2.

So far Apple has not commented on the issues raised by users, but given the increasing number of complaints coming in forums, you may have to do with something more than isolated incidents, occurring sporadically in the new series iPad tablet.

The new iPad 3  has trouble charging the battery too

Problems seem to appear when we use the AC adapter included with the accessories and USB 2.0 connectivity provided by some PCs.
Failure to use USB 2.0 connection for power can be easily understood if we consider the battery capacity used, 70% higher than the iPad 2. Given the large difference between the maximum energy absorbed by the battery and very low amperage current supplied via USB 2.0, it is normal charging time is very high, even exceeding the speed to download an iPad on. In these circumstances it is understandable why some users complain that the new iPad will only download when connected to a USB 2.0 port.

However, I can’t understand why Apple shipped for the new iPad only one AC power adapter (10W), while a MacBook Air with a battery that has almost the same capacity, benefits from a feeder four times stronger.

Even if the AC adapter is connected, the new iPad’s battery “is getting tired” visibly if we insist to conduct demanding activities such as games or sessions using multiple applications simultaneously. The irony is that this time we notify the battery is under load, even though it is often the opposite.

Mar 09

The new iPad was a topic of intense discussion in recent days. A lot of them refers to screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. Those who saw it in the flesh say that is impressive in every respect. But analysts say that Apple may have problems with them. Home detention to display the new iPad retina is related to autonomy. Although the surface is the same as the previous model, the higher number of pixels means that are required twice as many LEDs for lighting.

A larger number of LEDs involves higher consumption and Apple has almost doubled the battery capacity. This was reflected on the size and weight of the tablet. iPad manufacturer says the new model offers the same range as the iPad 2, but analysts are reluctant about this statement. Not only the screen consume more, but the chipset too, which now comes with a quad core GPU. Hopefully Apple have done well calculations in terms of consumption.

Another problem with iPad’s screen 3 is availability. If the device will have the same success as previous models, it is possible that display manufacturers can not face the demand. The technology for these panels is the next generation and there are few plants able to produce. We shall see how things will be in the second half of March, when new iPad will enter the market.

Feb 06

iSwifter iPad is an application that allows users to view Flash content directly on their tablet. Videos, games, almost any kind of content are displayed but unfortunately the application is not among the best. Running content is cumbersome, errors can occur when you access certain sites but the audio runs without any problem in most cases.

If you were disappointed that your favorite flash games on Facebook, Google + or other sources are not available on the iPad, then iSwifter is your remedy – without losing the warranty.

iSwifter is a Web browser that supports Flash and the iPad will cost $ 4.99. Install it, go to any site with flash games (I tested with Facebook and Armor Games) and play as you want. Price of five dollars is a bit high for IOS application, but instead get a competent browser that is capable of playing flash, and access to games optimized for iSwifter through various partnerships between producers creator browser and flash games. If you think a bit, if you play 5 free online flash games that otherwise would have had to buy on iTunes, then you’ve put money.

If you want to try before you buy iSwifter, then you can download and try free for 30 minutes before you upgrade to premium satellite transponder.

Jan 27

Even if the launch iPad people rushed to criticize Apple’s new device, American PC tablet company succeeded in a very short time to revolutionize the global market trends dictating portables for the next years.

How to use keyboard shortcuts

Writing an email or text with iPad some can be easier if you use these “tricks” for the choice of type. Org,. Net,. Us,. Edu everything you need to do is hold down the “button” . com – will immediately see a menu where you can choose the area you want, not the letter key.

How to display iPad on an external display – video out VGA only

Native iPad main screen can be displayed on a monitor (and this is part of the peculiarities of Apple). The problem can be solved through a jailbreak as those at Cnet say.
Need iPhone (obviously), a dedicated VGA out cable, a monitor or projector (which has VGA input). You need software that makes it possible jailbreak – Spirit. After the jailbreak operation, the screen will appear iPad Cydia icon. In Cydia search (in the Search option) and select DiplayOut (application cost $ 2).
Display out after installing, go to Settings, then Extensions, and here you will find Display Out. I’ll give “Enable”. Connect VGA cable to iPad and you have the picture as desktop wallpaper.