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Apr 08

Nokia 808 PureView, the famous Smartphone equipped with a 41 MP camera  was captured in images again, this time in an official way. This creation of Nokia has a pretty good design, even if the thickness of the plastic casing and trim look are not at the level of competition. The phone is addressed to a special segment of users, primarily interested in photography skills and not necessarily a slim and stylish design.

If judging by the appearance, Nokia 808 PureView can be a misleading appearance, but under the hood lies a powerful hardware with excellent multimedia skills. For example, audio files stored in the internal memory of 16 GB of memory (expandable to 32 GB with microSD card attached) can be played in Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 format on television or home theater audio system connected to the HDMI output. Also, the presence of Dolby Headphone certification promises a compelling listening experience and the use of a headset.

Nokia boasts the new 808 PureView for its shooting skills, explaining that is the first device able to record sound without distortion, obtained at a higher level of sensitivity of human hearing. In theory, this allows users to capture audio details that go beyond the human hearing, completing the picture quality coated with super-camera.

About the camera, Nokia admits that the pictures are not saved at a resolution of 41 MP, but are scaled by a process called oversampling, able to combine up to seven pixels in one. The resulting images will have an effective resolution of about 5MP, but has much less background noise and distortion, resulting in apparent quality level up to three times that of an ordinary picture. Theoretically, we can zoom in such an image to at least 3X factor, without seeing a noticeable decrease in the level of detail.

To make it possible to obtain these images, Nokia 808 Pureview is equipped with a 1.3 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. The operating system is Symbian Belle.

In images we can see the presence of a dedicated button for pictures, volume slider and adjust zoom function, also the screen lock button. Along with the camera flash can be observed and a generous sized cutout for external speaker.

Mar 23

Symbian Belle, or rather Nokia Belle, is the new version of the famous platform developed by the Finnish giant. It was announced in August last year and launched with the new range of smartphones of company, then to be brought in the form of update for older models. Among the improvements it brings to the new platform include: November widgets, more home screens, a new navigation bar system, improved multitasking and shortcuts in lock screen.

With the launch of the new operating system, Nokia has announced a new development platform for applications. This is called Qt (pronounced “cute”) and brings a much improved graphical interface and new tools that make development easier for Nokia and more attractive. Applications that we present in this article were developed in Qt.

Facial: Facial is a client known for social network (Facebook). Has a modern interface that excels in simplicity and attractiveness. Buttons to access the different contextual actions are located in the top bar and it changes depending on the applied system theme. There are stumbling, and everything is flowing and enjoyable experience is complete. The application includes a homescreen widget. You have access to notifications, pictures, pages, events, groups and messages (including reference).

Fast Tube: A mobile YouTube client with HD playback compatibility is something to cherish. Fast Tube allows the user to choose the quality of the video played to availability: Low, High or HD. Other options include sorting videos according to country of origin, number of views, date, etc. The application is available for free on the Nokia Store.

Extra Buttons: A simple and useful application. Place two additional buttons in the navigation bar system. Additional button functions can be: “Lock/Restart”, “task switcher”, “light” or “battery saving mode”. The application was recently updated to work in landscape mode. You can find it for free in Nokia Store.

Dual home screens widget
: Provides the ability to launch an additional set of 6 more sites through a home screen widget. You can view the main screen, now called “Primary” and the additional “Secondary”.

Mar 19

Starting on February 8, 2012, all users of Nokia devices with Symbian S^3 were able to install the operating system Nokia Belle.

Nokia Belle is the latest (and probably last) version of the Symbian OS. From Nokia’s press release we know that it comes with an improved user interface and some elements of ergonomics. It worth to be mentioned the home screen’s number from 3-6 (very close to Android which has 5 or 7 depending on phone model).

The good news is that the partnership with Microsoft is a benefit for  Nokia users without Windows Phone 7.5. Nokia announced that Belle OS users will have a few free tools such as Microsoft Lync and OneNote. Unfortunately, the update will not be available OTA (Over The Air). Those who want to make the transition from Symbian S^3 to Nokia Belle will have to have installed Nokia Suite 3.3 or later.

The models will receive this upgrade are: Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia E6, Nokia X7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 and Nokia Oro. Also, it seems that Nokia 500 will be upgraded in the coming weeks.

Also, I found nothing about those who have already made ​​the upgrade of Symbian Anna. Most likely the upgrade can be made for both versions (it’s hard to believe that goes for Symbian S^3 and it’s not working for Symbian Anna), but it might be good to see a Nokia Care Center representative before the upgrade.

Mar 16

Symbian Belle is the successor of Anna and brings several improvements to the Symbian operating system, such as a homescreen improvement, which consists of up to 6 panels and these widgets will be available in five different sizes. Widgets can also be resized, so they offers more flexibility.

Symbian Belle lockscreen has also been updated, allowing adding wallpapers and notifications for events. Symbian Belle also includes applications such as Microsoft Communicator Microsoft, SharePoint, OneNote, PowerPoint Exchange ActiveSync and Broadcaster.

Nokia brings good news for those who own one of the models launched with Symbian Belle OS. Specifically, Nokia 700, 701 and 603 models, will receive the update Feature Pack 1 running on Nokia 808 PureView. The upgrade will be possible in the coming months. For other models running Symbian, was made the update to Symbian Belle.

First, the Feature Pack 1 brings improvements in terms of entertainment. Overall, the interface is improved, and Feature Pack 1 comes with Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Headphones, a collection of widgets, a new browser HTML5, the Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile, Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast, Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Document Connection and an updated version of Nokia Maps.

Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 will receive a bonus of hardware speed which means that their processors now running at 1GHz, will be able to run at 1.3 GHz. Unfortunately this is not true for the Nokia 603, which will remain at the current frequency of 1GHz.