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Apr 11

Nokia has released its top Smartphone – Lumia 900 – in U.S. and it seems that some problems have occurred. In Lumia 800’s case they recognized that Wi-Fi and autonomy are not ok.

They released several updates to address these problems. Ultimately it’s not easy to launch a new platform phones in less than eight months – the announcement of Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, February 2011 to October 2011 when the Lumia Series was officially presented.

In an official blog post is recognized that in some cases was found a bug and the data connection was immediatly lost. From April 16 will be released via Zune an software update that will solve this problem. In the AT&T stores clients may choose to change a Lumia 900 with one that has been updated the new version of software.

AT&T and Nokia offers $100 credit that can be deducted from bills for the telephone operator who purchases the phone until April 21, 2012. Lumia 900 costs with subscription about $99. One can say that is acquired almost for free.

Lumia 900 was been received well in the U.S., where Finnish Smartphone ranked 1 and 2 on, by black and blue color.

Apr 08

Nokia 808 PureView, the famous Smartphone equipped with a 41 MP camera  was captured in images again, this time in an official way. This creation of Nokia has a pretty good design, even if the thickness of the plastic casing and trim look are not at the level of competition. The phone is addressed to a special segment of users, primarily interested in photography skills and not necessarily a slim and stylish design.

If judging by the appearance, Nokia 808 PureView can be a misleading appearance, but under the hood lies a powerful hardware with excellent multimedia skills. For example, audio files stored in the internal memory of 16 GB of memory (expandable to 32 GB with microSD card attached) can be played in Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 format on television or home theater audio system connected to the HDMI output. Also, the presence of Dolby Headphone certification promises a compelling listening experience and the use of a headset.

Nokia boasts the new 808 PureView for its shooting skills, explaining that is the first device able to record sound without distortion, obtained at a higher level of sensitivity of human hearing. In theory, this allows users to capture audio details that go beyond the human hearing, completing the picture quality coated with super-camera.

About the camera, Nokia admits that the pictures are not saved at a resolution of 41 MP, but are scaled by a process called oversampling, able to combine up to seven pixels in one. The resulting images will have an effective resolution of about 5MP, but has much less background noise and distortion, resulting in apparent quality level up to three times that of an ordinary picture. Theoretically, we can zoom in such an image to at least 3X factor, without seeing a noticeable decrease in the level of detail.

To make it possible to obtain these images, Nokia 808 Pureview is equipped with a 1.3 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. The operating system is Symbian Belle.

In images we can see the presence of a dedicated button for pictures, volume slider and adjust zoom function, also the screen lock button. Along with the camera flash can be observed and a generous sized cutout for external speaker.

Apr 01

Nokia is working hard for a new update for its operating system home made, the late Symbian. Nokia Belle was a pleasant surprise and is expected Carla. Please notice what’s the codename, easier to remember than S^3 for example.

I must say from the outset that Nokia Carla OS will arrive on:

  • Nokia 700;
  • Nokia 701;
  • Nokia 808 PureView;
  • Nokia 603.

Will not be update:

  • Nokia N8;
  • Nokia C6-01;
  • Nokia C7;
  • Nokia E7.

From the news out in front of screen shots we have a new method to unlock the screen based on a swipe gesture, Nokia browser with a new look more put together, a new QWERTY keyboard touch that seems inspired by Windows Phone, area where you can set options reminds of MeeGo, and a little changed music player.

Android 4.0 reach on Meizu MX and M9 phones

After Huawei stunned everyone by launching Android 4.0 beta on Huawei Honor, long before Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation to dream at the Ice Cream Sandwich, today, Chinese from Meizu are moving quickly. They have announced the release of Ice Cream Sandwich in public beta mode for MX Meizu and M9.

Meizu was a company with only with 2-3 years ago was known for producing the most advanced clone of iPhone, but now has become a respected brand, at least in Asia. The company is on board with Android handsets and their features are not bad. M9 and MX receive Android 4.0 in public beta test a month based on experience of developers. New release for Meizu ICS stock is based on software version, so is not involving any customization.

The software brings a new look on Meizu terminals, facial unlock and efficient multitasking system. The private beta testing for Android 4.0 Meizu was started in mid-February and had excellent results. During the program, users were impressed by the speed that brings new OS and how well it responds to commands, plus fixing the bugs that Meizu MX have.

Mar 29

Germans from Nokiaport have discovered a new Nokia design patent, which looks like the picture below and suddenly evokes memories of a Nokia concept several months ago. At that time still speculate on account of Finnish Windows Phone mobile products and circulated codenamed Sea Ray and Nokia Ace.

Below you can see the the concept for this new device, incorporating a camera button and a stylish metal bar buttons that are integrated to Windows Phone. Patent discovered by Nokiaport bring this rendering and easily remember of Nokia C5-03, especially with that strip of buttons below the screen. In the format of the device, it can be compared with Lumia 610, so it might be a new budget model, with Windows Phone “Tango” and poor facilities.

Anyway that strip with buttons and stylish design make me believe that this terminal could have a higher price, obvious if this patent and the concept has something in common. It is gratifying to see an original design from Nokia, after Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 have adopted the same look as N9. At least Lumia 710 and 610 has changed things a bit, but will be interesting to see a new high-end Windows Phone with a design direction changed.

Samsung will ship 40-44 million Smartphones in this quarter, 50 million in Q2 if Samsung Galaxy S III will be released!

South Korean ET News magazine announced that Samsung Smartphone shipments could exceed 40-44 million units this quarter, and the next three months are announced even more filled. If Galaxy S III shows up on time, then Q2 would bring supplies over 50 million units.

Samsung Galaxy Note seems it was one of the hits that propelled sales of Smartphones and it is estimated that Samsung would have sold 4 million such terminals with 5.3 inch screen in the first three months of the year. And mid range Android smartphones have been sold well, but with the Galaxy S III and his debut in stores, the figures could explode. Expectations are huge, just look how many concepts and images “dropped” appeared on the web in the past two weeks. In addition, rumored and promotion associated with the Olympics, so I expect a massive marketing campaign behind the new Galaxy S.

Mar 27

As you probably heard, Apple and Nokia are gulfing with proposals for the future format of SIM cards. To understand what it is, we mention that the current format card is known as miniSIM, the iPhone and some other smartphones currently use MicroSIM and the following format, for getting standard setting , is called nanoSIM. ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute, is about to vote on proposals from manufacturers of mobile phones.

The two sides were formed around Apple and Nokia. iPhone manufacturer is supported by mobile phone operators in Europe, and the Finns were back on Motorola and RIM. Apple even used a bad practice, quickly recorded five subsidiaries in Europe for the right to vote in ETSI. site managed to get the outline of proposals for standard nanoSIM and you can see below. We now can see them and comment. As you can see, Apple offers a micro plastic around without contacts. Connectors are in the same place as a Minister. Unfortunately, Apple signed conventional design follows a standard design that is required is not the same length to width MicroSIM card to avoid a lock to another slot.

Nokia design was eventually supported by the people at RIM and Motorola and comes with a different arrangement of the connectors. Building an adapter MicroSIM or ministries would be difficult. On the other hand, the proposed nanoSIM Nokia allows fixing a microSD card slot. The proposed Apple needs special support, a tray, bringing slot limitations. What will eventually be the future format of nanoSIM? ETSI will vote for the new design at the end of this week.