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May 04

I’m sure that if you watched the news in the last 24 hours you know by heart what does the Galaxy S III have for us. We are dealing with a phone with a 4.8 inch screen, Super AMOLED technology and bearing a 720p resolution. Note that this is a Super AMOLED screen and not Super AMOLED+, so 720p panel comes with Pentia RBGB pixels arrangement just like Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II HD LTE. In the pictures below you can see a microscopic comparison between these screens.

Analysis was performed with an USB microscope with 230x zoom and the first comparison took place with HTC One X  and its SLCD2 720p. Note that HTC One X’s denser sub pixels produce a clearer picture, but it is lower than the Galaxy S III at contrast chapter, especially when it comes to black. In comparison with the Galaxy Nexus, we have here two very similar terminals, one screen of 4.65 inch with AMOLED Super HD and one with the same screen, same resolution, but the 4.8-inch diagonal. Pixel density is slightly smaller on the new Galaxy S, but the difference is imperceptible to the human eye.

It seems that Samsung reduced the red pixels, judging by microscopic analysis, but personally I do not see any relevance in this. Then comes the great duel between Galaxy S III, Galaxy S and Galaxy S II. Galaxy S offers a range of 4-inch AMOLED screen with 800×480 pixel resolution, while the Galaxy S II features a 4.3-inch screen with Super AMOLED Plus technology with resolution of 800×480 pixels. The Galaxy S II LTE making its way in comparison with 800×480 display of 4.5 inch and Super AMOLED Plus technology. I’d say Super AMOLED Plus has a slight advantage here, but again we must see the Galaxy S III live so we can judge the screen.

May 03

With Android, we can fully customize the way we interact and receive notifications, using a 3-rd party application that you can download from the Store. They are particularly useful when we want to respond quickly to an SMS or when we’re playing, and we want to visualize the message to decide whether to interrupt or not the game to respond.

NotifierPro/Plus. It is the most complex of those tested, but this is not necessarily a good thing. It integrates in the system as accessibility service and motorize any application. The interface, in Holo-style, with large buttons, easily accessible, looks good. Like I said, NotifierPro can motorize notifications from any application you have installed. To remove a notification we use left/right swipe gestures with the actions defined for each one. For example, swipe left dismiss current notification and swipe right them all. Then we set themes, with downloadable versions from the Store. NotifierPro provides excellent control behavior. We can set everything from banner’s position, until the vibration, sound, proximity sensor, etc.

SMS Popup.
The same number of configuration options that I noticed at NotifierPro, the big difference is that they can applied only for SMS. To effectively use SMS Popup notifications must first disable standard notifications for messages. Then we can define the characteristics of application in every detail. For the duration of vibration to LED color notification. The interface is handsome, and Holo-style menus are quite easy to access.

Application stand out thanks to Quick Reply function which we use to respond to messages directly from the notification window. Swipe gestures are used to scroll through text unread messages. Another notable feature is preset messages, completely configurable, which you can use when we don’t have time to respond. Resource consumption is relatively small. May get extra points because it is offered free of charge but if you feel generous you can purchase at a modest price, Donate version.

May 02

Series of rumors about Samsung Galaxy S III continues today with a protective film for the phone, applied across a Galaxy S II. Thus, we can get an idea about the size of the phone, if we compare with the previous Galaxy S.

Again it is confirmed that the new terminal will have at least rounded bottom, probably the top one too and the screen is larger than that of Galaxy S II. Given the impressive size of the film, I would say even that rumors of a display of 4.7 or 4.8 inch HD are true. I remind you that tomorrow, on May 3, 2012 in London is the official presentation of Galaxy S III, which you can find out more by downloading the Google Samsung Unpacked Play application.

If we’re talking about the film from this image, it has been posted on the web by Unwire boys from HK, Hong Kong sign that one is played in a while with the Galaxy S III. The smartphone appeared in a hands on video done in Vietnam, so that usually leaks come from Asia. Looking at this film, you should notice that the width of Galaxy S II remained intact and only the length of the phone has changed. The Home button has now a different shape, being larger and slightly rounded at the edges. In 24 hours we will find out how the real design of Galaxy S III is. I would quite safely say that many people eagerly waiting the release. Do you feel the same?

Apr 28

We can attach a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to our smartphones. But not every device is compatible. We use the MHL or HDMI cable to connect to large screen (PC). And this function is only available on new-generation terminals. Or we can use AirDroid and access without limits or other instruments, the full functionality of the Smartphone.

To use AirDroid must be connected to the same wireless network and the connected PC. This is the only rule. Then we have full control over the phone. Once downloaded from the store, run the application on your Smartphone. After you press Start, on the screen is displayed an address and a password. Enter into any browser on PC and we authenticate using that password. That’s all, we are greeted with a nice interface and available options. We have real time information about the device, such as battery level and GSM or wi-fi, space, etc. It even appears unread or missed calls and can respond to SMS using AirDroid and keyboard interface. We have call log and we can also modify, delete or insert new contacts. In the media, you can play all your music collection, download and edit photos and change various ringtones, notifications and alarms. Management of files is complete, we have unlimited data transfers!

The control is provided on applications, there is the possibility to uninstall, install or export APK files. It provides a link to Play Store.

AirDroid is still beta, but I had no problems while I was running it. However being patient is recommended, especially when copying large amounts of data. You must keep in mind that it’s done with a wireless connection. I don’t know if it applies only for the test, but the application is offered free of charge and you don’t need an account to use it. AirDroid is an incredibly useful application! Enjoy it.

Apr 17

What security suite you recommend? Ideal security solution must be provided free or at a reasonable price, to have an easy interface, fast scanning, to include firewalls and anti-theft. I noticed two solutions that meet these criteria and I recommend it. Sure, maybe there are others.

Avast! Mobile Security
– is by far the solution I recommend it most warmly. Includes all the tools to cover any potential vulnerability. Scanning is fast and the database is updated regularly. For those who have a smartphone at the root, the solution offers a firewall that block internet access to designated applications. For browser we have web shield. Avast! includes the most advanced anti-theft solution with the ability to block or delete any information in the system with a simple SMS. Anti-theft solution is installed as a separate module and has the advantage of not being removed by unauthorized persons. For the best integration and this module takes root. Everything is provided free of charge.

NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus
– Another solution which I recommend. Some advanced features require the use of premium services, with payment. The application has an intuitive interface and scans quickly. The database must be updated manually, but are often made updates. There are options for data management plan and includes a firewall for those who root. Privacy Advisor provides information and recommendations on applications permissions.
Anti-theft system is also present, although not as advanced and requires the purchase of premium services. It also provided a function of location of the phone.

How can we avoid using an antivirus? You can easily get rid of any problems reading carefully the permissions field. For example, a card game that never has to access and send SMS. Install applications only from trusted sources. Need for Speed is offered only by EA Games and is not free. Be careful at the applications downloaded from unauthorized sites. You can damage the system beyond repair. Furthermore, a virus can steal the contact from the phonebook and send mail advertising (in the best case). A little vigilance is desirable in any situation.