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Jan 15

GTA III’s iDevice was launched last month in the App Store and the game is a port of the console version. The good part of this work lies in the fact that we can modify almost any part of GTA III sites using specially made for Grand Theft Auto fans. The really interesting here is that we can modify the application of our sites iDevice even without performing a jailbreak so you can customize your liking GTA.

In the following I will show you how to change the game GTA III and would be good to follow it exactly as described otherwise the process will not work.

1.  Download the code injection for Windows / Mac. Download IMG Tool for Windows or Crossover for Mac.

2.  After you install the programs you access one of these sites where you will find all sorts of mods for GTA III: 1, 2, 3.

3.  Connect your iDevice to your computer and open code injection.

4.  Using code injection navigate to: apps> com.rockstargames.gta3ios> You searched for gta3_pvr.img gta3_pvr.dir and you will copy into your computer and you will delete the iDevice.

5.  Now using IMG Tool and open the file Crossover gta3_pvr.img where you copy the files you want to change. For this tutorial we will modify a car. Download this file from here and unzip it in your computer. Now back to IMG Tool open gta3_pvr.img file and search files and manana.txd manana.dff that option using Coomands> Extract the IMG Tool will extract them in your computer. After extracting the image delete them open IMG Tool. Now unpack the manner presented by me and open the image and add files manana.dff manana.txd using Coomands> extract and then run Commands> Rebuild Archive.

6.  After the recovery process was completed copy of the archive back into your iDevice and gta3_pvr.dir your files that you deleted in step 4. They have copied all the Apps> com.rockstargames.gta3ios>

If you followed the above steps strictly in GTA III when the old car Manana should be gone and in its place you should see a Ford V8 Sedan in 1980.

Jun 08

Feed Me Oil is one of the latest creations made by Chillingo. The game is among the most purchased games from AppStore this week, it has the highest score and is one of the most popular game. The strategies of the game are simple and seem to be inspired by the Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe some time ago.

It’s about a broken pipe through which oil flows and which we have to aim it towards the mouth of creatures, we have some elements that help us in this routing controlled of the oil, elements formed from the steel rail, fans that have to be positioned using creativity and inventiveness. The game is based on fluid mechanics and as the game progresses in difficulty level increases in proportion. You need to make your best to survive longer. The game can be played on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad without problems. But you need to have iOS 3.0 or a later version.

Find out more about Feed Me Oil from iTunes.

Jun 03

Are you passionate about racing, but you did not want to spend 7.99 euros on a game? Here’s the perfect solution: GTI Edition 35, a new free game developed by Volkswagen to test the “monstrosity” of his car!

The game was created to celebratei the anniversary of thirty-five years of the Golf GTI version. Seven editions of the GTI versions are available, you can have a fantastic adventure into the world of racing course, across the history of this vehicle.

The main features of the game are:

  • All versions of the Golf GTI is available for a perfect driving experience
  • Tracks located industrial areas
  • 2 game modes: Time or Career, for more adventure
  • The data are real cars, real physics engine and sounds amazing, fully customizable with Volkswagen Genuine Parts
  • Photorealistic graphics engine, with variations of light and color (depending on the external environment)
  • Showroom dedicated to GTI Edition 35 3D, which includes detailed specifications and unique features of the 35 EDITION model
  • An integrated tracking system to locate your nearest store based Volkswagen

The game is universal and compatible with IOS 3.0 or later. GTI Edition 35 has 111MB, so it should be downloaded in WiFi and is located in English and German languages.

Find out more about GTI Edition 35 from iTunes.

Feb 17

If HTC did a great valve for placing a game in which the user had to pass a ball through a maze to reach the final, it was time for someone to invent a game for iPhone. Of the five games, I chose it because it is the most realistic and includes a number of “sensors” that make the phone vibrate when the ball touches the walls of the maze. Lite version is free, but has a small number of game levels. Pay version – 2.99 euros – has 100 levels, but so far no one came to an end! Success!

Download Wooden Labyrinth 3D Lite from iTunes.

Feb 07

This iPhone application comes with 45 new levels, 7 types of birds and lots of furious action. This time the pigs are hidden in the giant pumpkins that protects them from angry birds on the fact that, of course, they have stolen eggs.

The gameplay remains unchanged even innovative from the iPhone style.

Download Angry Birds from iTunes.