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Mar 25

If the new tablet it’s called now The new iPad, then perhaps in the autumn we will see The New iPhone. Until then we have a concept that looks fantastic, created by ADR Studio. Designers have imagined an iPhone 5 without SIM that integrates 3 retina displays.

The new iPhone will have access to networks, including 4G LTE services without SIM card technology spoken of in recent years and eventually could be adopted by Apple. This concept of iPhone 5 uses unibody aluminum casing, and its buttons are placed at the top, as shown in pictures. The strength of this device is that it integrates three screens together in one retina. Basically, we have here three strips of screens, one at the top for notification and information at the bottom serving as a dock for multitasking applications and central area of screen space that serves as the “desktop”.

Home button has changed the position, is now integrated in the bottom screen and can be activated using a motion sensor. Studio ADR built on the new iPhone 2012 and an edge LED, which is used as an indicator for battery, a very discreet way. This phone is running iOS 6.0, and the screen size should be around 4.5 or 4.6 inch, while the processor of this concept is most likely a quad core, maybe Apple A6.

Feb 15

Those who are using Smartphones are already familiar with the software applications that reads book contacts. Unfortunately, not all applications require the user’s permission and some of them loads the data in their servers without using a secure protocol.

Among the important applications of the iPhone which download contact names, phone numbers and email addresses of contacts is including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Foodspotting, Yelp and Gowalla. It may sound normal to us given that we are always connected with our friends, but not all require permission.

When you are using applications based on social circles of friends, it makes sense to provide the application connect with friends who use it. On the other hand, not everyone in your address book have Twitter or Facebook account. Agenda, with phone numbers and your email is copied entirely on the application server used. There can be two problems related to data taken and how they are transmitted.

It is common sense that the manufacturer of an application does not use your phone number and email from your book for other activities not strictly related to the application. Nobody wants to get email addresses in databases, which sold for $ 100 spammers. A second problem is transmitting the book data to the server. Some applications encrypts data and then send or use a secure data connection. Others did not bother to do any of the above. Contact names, phone numbers and email addresses are put into a text file that is then sent through an insecure data channel.

The source developers have introduced some popular applications – a dialog box asking the user permission to access calendar data. This is a first step. Apple is sure to test and approve applications available in the AppStore, but there were several problems with applications that have passed this filter. The problem is even greater applications for Android, which are not blocked by any authority.

Feb 10

Zong application is available on Android Market and the App Store since launch. The application can be accessed only if you have a premium account with 4.99 euros/month.

Unlike Grrooveshark competitor, the application is available in the AppStore and you don’t nedd Jailbreak to listen to unlimited and legally music.

The application of the iOS provides a search across available audio library that is updated continuously. Player performed flawlessly, even on EDGE connection, with little delay before the song start, not during, as is the case if you get stuck in the middle of YouTube video. Smart Radio lets you listen to random songs, but in all kinds of music (the radio function is available on PC genres). You can easily create a playlist on your mobile phone, not just the Zong site.

Zong application unlike other streaming applications available on mobile phones offers two very useful functions. One of the functions is data counter warns you when you reach a certain volume of data. A second useful feature is available on iOS 5 at least and to change tracks and control volume directly from the lock screen menu without having to open the Zong.

Zong application is created by iQuest Technologies company and the IOS version is only available in AppStore.

Feb 05

Although it took more than one day beholds the Windows version of the program Absinthe is now available for download. This version comes just hours after the CLI released by Dev Team version that some of you have tried it already and have managed to jailbreak through or. The Windows version of Absinthe works like Mac OS X version is still jailbreak iPhone 5.0/5.0.1 4S with IOS and IOS iPad 2 with 5.0.1 installed. Absinthe was not scheduled to make hack activate so do not use it for that.

Together with the Windows version appeared and a new Mac version you can download here. Tutorial for Mac OS X can be found here although the steps are identical.

Before starting the jailbreak disable the SIM PIN of your terminal. To ensure that the jailbreak goes wrong would be ideal to make a backup with iTunes and then to make a deletion of data from Settings> General> Reset and choose Erase all the time and settings.

IDEV tutorial only works if your site is connected to the Internet.

  • Step 1: Download Absinthe from here.
  • Step 2: IDEV connect to your computer and open Absinthe then press Jailbreak. The process itself should last up to 5 minutes depending on your computer.
  • Step 3: The program will go through these steps while your terminal will pass through several “states”, as it is ready to jailbreak.

When you see the message below the screen must unlock it using Slide to unlock and open the absinthe of home screen. After a close-open and wait for a jailbreak will be implemented and the terminal will reset. If the access icon appears Absinthe Error Establishing Database Connection error then go to Settings> General> Network and activate the VPN setting. After activating it you get an error and reset terminal should continue the process of jailbreak. The error occurs because the load’s being put on Chronic Dev Team blog. Chronic Dev site if you are not loaded in that application you can not jailbreak!

Jan 15

GTA III’s iDevice was launched last month in the App Store and the game is a port of the console version. The good part of this work lies in the fact that we can modify almost any part of GTA III sites using specially made for Grand Theft Auto fans. The really interesting here is that we can modify the application of our sites iDevice even without performing a jailbreak so you can customize your liking GTA.

In the following I will show you how to change the game GTA III and would be good to follow it exactly as described otherwise the process will not work.

1.  Download the code injection for Windows / Mac. Download IMG Tool for Windows or Crossover for Mac.

2.  After you install the programs you access one of these sites where you will find all sorts of mods for GTA III: 1, 2, 3.

3.  Connect your iDevice to your computer and open code injection.

4.  Using code injection navigate to: apps> com.rockstargames.gta3ios> You searched for gta3_pvr.img gta3_pvr.dir and you will copy into your computer and you will delete the iDevice.

5.  Now using IMG Tool and open the file Crossover gta3_pvr.img where you copy the files you want to change. For this tutorial we will modify a car. Download this file from here and unzip it in your computer. Now back to IMG Tool open gta3_pvr.img file and search files and manana.txd manana.dff that option using Coomands> Extract the IMG Tool will extract them in your computer. After extracting the image delete them open IMG Tool. Now unpack the manner presented by me and open the image and add files manana.dff manana.txd using Coomands> extract and then run Commands> Rebuild Archive.

6.  After the recovery process was completed copy of the archive back into your iDevice and gta3_pvr.dir your files that you deleted in step 4. They have copied all the Apps> com.rockstargames.gta3ios>

If you followed the above steps strictly in GTA III when the old car Manana should be gone and in its place you should see a Ford V8 Sedan in 1980.