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Apr 17

What security suite you recommend? Ideal security solution must be provided free or at a reasonable price, to have an easy interface, fast scanning, to include firewalls and anti-theft. I noticed two solutions that meet these criteria and I recommend it. Sure, maybe there are others.

Avast! Mobile Security
– is by far the solution I recommend it most warmly. Includes all the tools to cover any potential vulnerability. Scanning is fast and the database is updated regularly. For those who have a smartphone at the root, the solution offers a firewall that block internet access to designated applications. For browser we have web shield. Avast! includes the most advanced anti-theft solution with the ability to block or delete any information in the system with a simple SMS. Anti-theft solution is installed as a separate module and has the advantage of not being removed by unauthorized persons. For the best integration and this module takes root. Everything is provided free of charge.

NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus
– Another solution which I recommend. Some advanced features require the use of premium services, with payment. The application has an intuitive interface and scans quickly. The database must be updated manually, but are often made updates. There are options for data management plan and includes a firewall for those who root. Privacy Advisor provides information and recommendations on applications permissions.
Anti-theft system is also present, although not as advanced and requires the purchase of premium services. It also provided a function of location of the phone.

How can we avoid using an antivirus? You can easily get rid of any problems reading carefully the permissions field. For example, a card game that never has to access and send SMS. Install applications only from trusted sources. Need for Speed is offered only by EA Games and is not free. Be careful at the applications downloaded from unauthorized sites. You can damage the system beyond repair. Furthermore, a virus can steal the contact from the phonebook and send mail advertising (in the best case). A little vigilance is desirable in any situation.

Apr 02

What about the battery life? This is the most common question when it comes to a new Smartphone. Manufacturer response it can  only be an estimated one because they can not predict how you are going to use your phone. Maybe you feel dissatisfaction and frustration. The best thing is to take an informed decision and that is the purpose of this article.

Do not be afraid to recharge!
The type of battery used in current Smartphones is Li-Ion. Technology manufacturing cells used in this type of battery has evolved over time. Unlike Ni-Mh, which allowed a total of 300 to 500 full recharge cycles, Li-Ion allows 800-1000 cycles. Your battery capacity will decrease by 80% after 2 years and you will have to buy a new one, if you want of course.

High capacity. It accepts, usually at least 1500 milliamps for a new generation of dual-core smartphone. Do not be afraid for smaller capacities. The idea is, if you reload often, at least to load quickly. For this reason some manufacturers opting for smaller capacity batteries. If battery capacity is sufficient for the day, then you have no reason to look for a higher battery capacity.

Single Core vs. Dual Core. According to producers, dual core smartphones consumes less battery. In fact, the truth is somewhere in between. Yes, you may want a more powerful processor, but at the same time, it is better to have a compatible software.

Do not rely solely on the applications listed in these operating systems to perform our tasks, mostly, download applications from the store. And here, at least for Android, although we are years away for the debut of dual-core processors, few applications are optimized to use the second core. If things are better with iOS, given the small number of devices and hardware configurations, my advice is to install the latest software platform.

Courage! Do not allow applications like “Battery Saver” to tell you what to do, when to do. I already covered in the article dedicated programs futility of “Task Manager”. The same premise applies to “Battery Saver” applications. Do not turn the wireless on the contrary, try to keep it active as long as possible. Not darken, choose an average value that suits you best and leave it so. Do not charge smartphone with all kinds of applications that promise to do much when in reality you do not need them. The smartphone is designed to be smart. Do not reduce the status of feature phones for greater life of the battery, you are not using it anyway. Avoid cycles of stop/restart. Keep things moving.

There are cases where even we need a higher capacity battery. Some manufacturers offer genuine alternatives. They are preferred. Can’t find the original larger capacity? Buy one of the same capacity and make it work. There is also a good pool of third-party vendors, but rarely in our market. Use known online services like Amazon, with confidence. Do not limit yourself to the domestic market. Most important for Li-Ion battery is the production date.

Feb 06

iSwifter iPad is an application that allows users to view Flash content directly on their tablet. Videos, games, almost any kind of content are displayed but unfortunately the application is not among the best. Running content is cumbersome, errors can occur when you access certain sites but the audio runs without any problem in most cases.

If you were disappointed that your favorite flash games on Facebook, Google + or other sources are not available on the iPad, then iSwifter is your remedy – without losing the warranty.

iSwifter is a Web browser that supports Flash and the iPad will cost $ 4.99. Install it, go to any site with flash games (I tested with Facebook and Armor Games) and play as you want. Price of five dollars is a bit high for IOS application, but instead get a competent browser that is capable of playing flash, and access to games optimized for iSwifter through various partnerships between producers creator browser and flash games. If you think a bit, if you play 5 free online flash games that otherwise would have had to buy on iTunes, then you’ve put money.

If you want to try before you buy iSwifter, then you can download and try free for 30 minutes before you upgrade to premium satellite transponder.

Feb 04

In this article we’ll try to present some tips for saving your mobile phone battery. By appliyng these indications you can extend the life of the battery:

– If you have a phone with Wi-Fi connection close when no longer used. Most people forget the connection open after using it.
– The above advice applies if you forget your Bluetooth connection on.
– Always turn off 3G when not in use, use it only when needed.
– Try to use function “vibration” as rare as it uses a lot of energy.
– Turn down the volume keys and ring tones as much when you are in a peaceful environment.
– Reduce as much brightness. The phone uses enough energy to light, especially in the visible touch-screen phones (with large screens).
– Some phones can be programmed as X at Y time to stop lighting keyboard, ex.Samsung E250. Others can be programmed to stop vibration and ring tones in a certain time frame.
– Try to use a background as simple as animated backgrounds (*. Gif) uses more energy.
– Try to load the phone only when it discharged – this advice was particularly true for NiMH batteries, but it seems that newer Li-Ion have a longer life if charge/discharge cycle is observed.
– In the user’s phone, you will find the battery temperature limits functioning normally. Try, if possible, to respect (the phone will not feel good summer looked in the car, but no winter to below 0 degrees)
– If you are a gaming enthusiast phone remember one thing: you will reduce the period of stand-by, so do not be surprised when your battery will take far less than you used. Games use much CPU, along with the LCD are the largest consumers of energy from a phone.

Jan 23

You will review some aspects, namely:

  • Mobile phone brand: your purchase is very important for more importance known brands: Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, Apple iPhone, Sony Ericsson. Do not be misled by the lesser known brands, which offers many features but will not give a quality product.

Attention! Buy phones only from specialized stores, to give you the invoice and guarantee great attention to this aspect, especially if we decided to invest a considerable amount, try to avoid second-hand phones.

  • Defining qualities phone: quality is to be found: stability software, hardware stability, finishing design. You know that for some mobile phones, the battery stays charged longer, about others that have different functions: MP3 player, games, and video camera, or just look like you want.
  • Mobile phone battery: stand-by site is an essential criterion in choosing the phone. Usually for a new phone, the battery standby for 5-7 days. Standard cell battery type is Li-ion (lithium), lithium-polymer. We recommend to buy phones with Li-Ion or Li-Polymer
  • Mobile phone memory: his memory may be intense or external. As an authorized user, you will definitely look for a phone that have stored a large number of gigabytes, for various other compatible programs, music, store pictures and videos. If your phone does not have enough memory for all applications you want to copy them and use them, there are memory cards compatible with mobile phone type: micro and mini SD, with a capacity of several GB of memory that complements mobile phone.

Tip: Try to buy a phone that has expandable memory card to store more data, especially if you are using media files (photos, music, movies). The phones are included with the purchase card minimum, but specification terminal functions and you can buy cards with higher capacity.

  • Mobile accessories: are also very important, and is proportional to sell technical functions and duties of the phone. If mobile phone memory is large enough to support many music files or videos in the package you will find a hands-free, wired or Bluetooth .. Also, you need a data cable and a USB cable or infrared-based one, to transfer files and applications in your computer. Charger is obviously always present.

Tip: For mobile brand known more easily find quality accessories for the other categories unknown, have difficulties in finding compatible accessories.

  • Design: competition between companies producing mobile phones is customary. With each model, try increasing compression of features and technology various fields to serve the user in becoming more varied. Already, Japanese companies are about to put the mobile phone market model with which to be able to have access in their own apartment or house, so to replace the traditional key. The phones look more ergonomic design with minimized weight, looking as thin, but at the same time to provide benefits to all criteria for use: large memory, a wide range of colors as, to allow the use of applications similar to the computer (Windows or other operating systems) and many other functions. Gadgets in mobile phones are among the most hunted by consumers.
  1. Business class – stylish design, practical, robust
  2. Class young people and teenagers – oriented media functions
  3. Standard Class – basic functions
  4. Fashion Class – dedicated exclusively to the ladies

Tip: When choosing a cell phone, check in advance where you can ask if one of its components do not work while the machine is under warranty, and are also maintenance costs if the phone is no longer is in warranty.