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May 05

Sony is not limited to the new Xperia phones from CES and MWC and prepares new models, but I can’t say I’m too surprised by this, especially that they are midrange or low end models. This, excepting the exciting Xperia Hayabusa. Anyway, today we will find out new details about Sony ST21i Tapioca, one of those models with modest endowments that I was talking about.

Tapioca’s existence was revealed last week when the phone arrived on the web in the form of some images. Today we have a confirmation of specifications leaked on the web lately through benchmark testing results. We are dealing here with a phone with an 800 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 3.2 inch display with resolution of 320×480 pixels and a 3 megapixel camera. The terminal is running on Android 4.0 ICS and the troublesome benchmark is NenaMark 2 in this case.

NenaMark publish their results online and in this case revealed the phone model, its score in tests, screen resolution, what kind of GPU and CPU frequency used, etc. It’s a Qualcomm CPU with a Adreno 200 GPU. Tapioca seems now the low end of the Sony model, so we have a very reasonable price. I see it as a rival for HTC Wildfire S, or rather Wildfire C, which is rumored to be an HTC One adapted to the low end market. We will keep you updated with the latest news about Sony ST21i Tapioca, surely a trending topic on the web. You will be the first one to hear from us.

Apr 27

Those from Sammobile just got what they call the list of specifications and manual of Samsung GT-I9300, code name we associate with Samsung Galaxy S III from a while. This getaway comes after a flurry of information about the smartphone, which will culminate with its launch on May 3 in London.

Note that the terminal has a Home button, despite the fact that 70% of images dropped on the web did not have this feature. We have in this case of specifications list with an Android 4.0 terminal with HSPA+ (21Mbps) support, an 8-megapixel camera with auto focus and LED flash and comes with an 4.8-inch Super AMOLED. Galaxy S III supports Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, AGPS and its features include 1080p video capture capability, barometer, gyroscope and quad core 1.5 GHz range Exynos.

Outline its design reminds me of a sort of elongated Nexus Galaxy, if you want. It seems that this phone will have a new Super AMOLED screen, at least that’s what the escape source said. It’s bizarre that the processor is 1.5 GHz frequency passed since Samsung announced today a Exynos 1.4 GHz quad core, but these are only details and I usually recommend you to look carefully to such rumors.

Apr 26

Huawei has big plans for this year, which involves not just Android Smartphones equipped with quad core processors, but, for example, they will launch Windows Phone 8 phones. Chinese company would employ over 70 people associated with this project, according to Chinese site WPDang.

In addition to Smartphones with Windows Phone 8 Apollo made by Huawei, the company is working on Windows 8 with LTE tablets. Go back to Apollo OS phones, they could be launched by end of year and prices will be quite affordable, around $300. It seems that the Asian producer targets U.S. market with LTE tablets Win 8, which probably will come sometime in the autumn or even winter. So far Huawei hasn’t made waves on tablet market, at least not as MediaPad models.

In 2011, Huawei has shipped 20 million Smartphones, and this year began with a presentation of a quad core phone, the slimmest Smartphone on the planet and the list goes on. Plans for 2012 include sales of 60 million handsets by the end. Will the company be required or will return to production of low end models that have established it?

Samsung Galaxy S III’s quad core processor has been confirmed: Exynos 4 Quad

The countdown to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III has began. The phone will be presented in a week at an event in London. After seeing an unsatisfactory teaser for this Smartphone, a hands on video and some photos with it, we finally know the official details about its processor. It will be Exynos 4 Quad, a 1.4-GHz quad core chipset.

The processor is based on 4 cores ARM Cortex A9 and this processor promises twice the performance of Exynos 4 Dual, while consuming 20% less energy. Samsung uses technology Exynos 4 Quad HKMG (High K Metal Gate) with low power consumption and has a companion chip that is the administration of this consumption. He’s controlling core processor to balance efficiency. For example, Exynos Quad 4 will not be used at full capacity when you check email and that’s a better battery life. However, if you play HD games, the CPU will be fully utilized and will provide an experience “similar to the PC” according to Samsung.

The new SoC integrates a new video engine that supports full HD video playback at 30 fps and we have an interface for image processing, which will deal with shooting high resolution. I can not wondering if this processor will be used on Meizu MX, since the company announced that it would launch a phone with quad core CPU Exynox in a few months. Surely Galaxy S III will be the first handset with this process and can not wait to see it officially launched on May 3.

Apr 24

Samsung has posted this weekend on the web a countdown! Unfortunately speculations were not true and instead we see the first image with Samsung Galaxy S III all we got was yet another teaser, this time a video one. ( site proved to be actually an anagram for The Next Galaxy, where you see this video, which has a nasty reference to Apple fans. They are considered as sheep to the end of the clip, which includes beautiful images of galaxies and that’s all. I’m a little disappointed with this  Samsung teaser, so video quality and its lack of originality. The Korean company could well keep us in suspense and there was no problem.

Note that before the countdown to reach zero, those from SlashGear investigated and found mysterious site directories and what files they contain. Unfortunately it was just colored with blue letters in the anagram give The Next Galaxy. Notice that this is a teaser for the Samsung product presented in a special event (Unpacked) in London, on May 3. Not yet clear whether the May 3 we will see Galaxy S III or a new tablet, possibly both. It’s not clear whether the presented model will be Galaxy S III or Galaxy S II Plus.

Video Teaser :

Apr 20

You probably know that HTC One X from Europe has a U.S. version called HTC One XL, which brings LTE support and a new processor. HTC has replaced the Nvidia Tegra processor quad-core 3 with a dual core Snapdragon S4 as Tegra 3 does not support the LTE standard from AT&T. Well now it seems Nvidia comes up with a solution: Tegra 3+.

Through the new Tegra 3 upgrade, NVIDIA will offer a rival for  Qualcomm processor, but also one that supports AT&T LTE standard and beyond. This processor is codenamed Grey and arrives at the market throughout this year. Michael Rayfield, general manager of the section NVIDIA Tegra Mobile said that although Tegra 3+ will arrive by the end of the year, integration of LTE will be received at the beginning of 2013. The good news is that you do not have to wait to have a mobile with Tegra 4 performance, but also with support for the latest connectivity.

It will be interesting that Samsung launch the long-awaited Galaxy S III or a quad core Exynos that supports LTE still a blow to Nvidia, especially since Exynos’s ready to go to other producers. An example is Meizu, which will launch a phone with a quad core CPU Exynos. Will Samsung start to count as largest manufacturer of processors at the expense of Qualcomm, Nvidia and even Intel?