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Feb 02

The success of platforms like iOS (iPhone) and Android were overshadowed for a while Blackberry OS. But that should not be overlooked that RIM platform is very strong and very clot, hence the large number of loyal fans of Blackberry terminals.

1. Google Mobile

Google Mobile is a package of all-in-one application that combines Google’s mobile applications (like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Sync) with Internet giant’s online services links (Google Search, Picasa, Reader, Docs, Google Notebook, etc).

2. iSkoot

If you want to use Skype services on Blackbbery, an alternative is to install iSkoot, which allows you to send and receive voice calls from Skype users.

3. Viigo

Viigo is an excellent alternative to Google Reader especially that comes with new features. Even if it is still in beta, Viigo will let you set to receive weather information from the finance or sports or downloading audio pod casts with your favorite shows.

4. ScanLife

ScanLife is a barcode reader that uses Blackberry’s room to read and provide information from the various product barcodes scanned.

5. Vlingo

Vlingo is a kind of Syria for Blackberry. Has speech text function which allows sending dictated messages and of course can read text messages you receive.

6. Webmessenger

It is still one of the most complete instant messaging solutions for Blackberry. Supports simultaneous services such as AOL, Google, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo.

7. Mobipocket Reader

Mobipocket Reader is a multiplatform. Therefore works on Blackberry and is one of the most recommended programs to read books on mobile phone. Allows you to add notes in the books they read.

8. Twitterberry

Twitterberry is one of the best applications for Twitter. It is extremely easy to use and is widely adopted by users of Blackberry.

9. Poynt

Poynt is a local search tool for business or interested to find addresses and names of companies in a very short time. The application is optimized for OS 6.0.

10. Facebook

Finally, Facebook! The application does not need presentation, especially when talking about socializing with a phone like Blackberry, designed for communication.

Jan 25

BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone will be a little cheaper, but still has good specifications. Comes with a 512 MHz processor and 256 MB of memory. To connect to the Internet, you can use both network operator and the WiFi. Unfortunately no 3G, so you have to settle for EDGE. RIM dropped the famous trackball on this phone and put in place a track pad. It remains to see how well it performs in use, the trackball was very popular. Also, is the first BlackBerry that has dedicated multimedia keys.

The 2.64-inch screen has resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Has only 2 megapixel camera, but BlackBerry’s have never excelled in Chapter capture photo/video. Audio jack of 3.5 mm will certainly be appreciated by those who want to listen to music and use some headphones. The 1150 mAh battery capacity, which provides up to 4.5 hours talk time or up to 17 days standby time.

It comes in two colors, black and white. Like all BlackBerry has excellent messaging functions, especially in terms of email.

Feb 06

LinkedIn application has many features. You can follow the feed updates, to look people directly or indirectly connected with you, and others that are not connected to you. Also, you can see your profile information connections and send them messages. The application lets you send and receive your guests and make suggestions that people might know them, so it is worth online.

LinkedIn application integrates smoothly with the operating system from RIM. You can see information about your contacts directly from the phone book. Also, the messages from LinkedIn will come directly to your phone inbox.

Download LinkedIn Application from here.

Feb 06

It seems that developers of applications for BlackBerry is thinking of a little fun for Storm owners. A similar application was launched for the iPhone and was successful among Starwars fans . Lightsaber is a free application and simulates a laser sword similar to the famous movie. With one click you can start or stop the sword, and the movement of the phone, depending on the speed with which it moved, it sounds as if you handle a real laser sword.

Download Lightsaber Application from here.

Feb 05

Did this ever crossed  your mind that you could use your mobile phone as a device for massage? Certainly not, now’s your chance. The application ‘Massage’ for BlackBerry was created specifically for this purpose (at least to a point …). The application can control the phone’s vibration intensity, improving its ability to be used as a massage! You can adjust five different intensities using the trackball or touch display.

Download Massage Application from here.