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Mar 31

After we find out that Samsung has offered in Korea a consolation Value Pack for Galaxy S that can not receive Android 4.0, now we have the full version of OS’s obviously arrived through informal means on Galaxy S. It is CyanogenMod 9, Steve’s famous custom ROM Kondik.

Note that now, Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen works for Samsung, so it has some advantages, having close contact with other official Android 4.0 Samsung terminals. Thus, we have more confidence in his ROMs than other customized software hackers. The new CyanogenMod 9 compatible with Galaxy S is in the alpha phase and was put on the site servers associated with this ROM. The ROM is created using source code from Google and are offered improved performance and stability for the device so successful in 2010.

Expect many bugs and problems, especially the camera and connectivity, as always happens with alpha’s release. For now we recommend to wait until the software will be finished or even feedback that will be offered enough problems to be solved.

Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3 part series dedicated to those from Gameloft. There’s some time since it’s available for iOS platform but, after many delays, today became available on Android. The third part of the series promises improvement. What is it? Type game hack-and-slash RPG flavor you put in the position of one of the 4 characters available. Pregnancy player is to eradicate, by brute force or magic, various creatures I stand in your way. Unlike the preceding parts of the series, no more action going on underground to the surface but in arenas. Character can be customized in the classical style RPG and the procurement system was introduced in the game. The graphics are very well done, each arena has its own theme. Fluid control is achieved through stick and virtual buttons. A title worth the wait. Be careful, the game takes about 500MB space. I recommend to download using the wireless connection. It’s free on Play Store. Enjoy!

Jan 26

1. Angry Birds – a game that I do not think needs any presentation. It was ported and IOS, Symbian and is in May and Windows Phone 7. It’s simple concept, but need to pass certain levels and some strategy.

2. Angry Birds Seasons – a continuation of the successful Angry Birds. Now is linked with Easter Bunny and rigor.

3. Angry Birds Rio – birds must be released and available levels two months: March and April. Each month a new set of levels can be played. Background music is pleasant, especially when navigating through the menu.

4. Tank Hero – you need little encouragement to destroy tanks and escape  to go to the next level. The graphics are not much, but you draw game play.

5. Crazy Snowboard – recently found a sports game. That’s why I did not too well in video. They learn quickly and now after I learned the tricks are real virtual card.

6. Poll Master Pro
– one of the best free applications developed pool of Market. Like the game above is a recent discovery. Towards the end I got the cue and directions how to shoot.

7. Football Kicks – you have to goals from free kicks to be converted into points and bonus points in turn in the game. There are several options: over a wall with five misses maximum contretemps – in 60 seconds to score as much as possible or at the first session of the game ending mistake.

8. Bonsai Blast – a kind of Zuma on the Android platform.

9. Raging Thunder 2 –  is inferior to games like Asphalt 5 HD, but has the advantage of being free.

Jan 13

Sony Ericsson recently announced the renewal portfolio of games for Xperia ™ PLAY over 20 new titles, of which only 10 games optimized for this model. New releases will be presented at the European Fair video game, E3, held from 7 -9 June and add to more than 60 titles already on the Xperia ™ PLAY.
Among the new titles announced include Minecraft ™, the game than expected from Swedish developer Mojang, which put jar games industry. Minecraft ™ is a franchise that has been one of the fastest developments in gaming history, with over eight million registered users to date and over 50,000 new players are added every day. However, Sony Ericsson confirms a rumor that PlayStation titles from Sony Computer Entertainment will be available on the Xperia ™ PLAY soon.

Sony Ericsson is investing further in Android ecosystem through partnerships with major industry players such as Unity and Havok, which works to continually enhance the ecosystem. However, Sony Ericsson has launched a program to support and identify new developers, called “Stand out from the crowd”, which gives developers a chance to come up with ideas for games and join the Xperia ™ PLAY story. The Xperia ™ PLAY is based on the latest Android platform (version 2.3) – and is the first smartphone with PlayStation ® certification. PLAY comes pre-installed games on your phone, well-known titles such as Madden NFL 2011, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior, Star Battalion, The Sims 3 and Tetris. However, fans can buy games Xperia ™ PLAY famous portfolio of leading international manufacturers of video games such as Sony Computer Entertainment, Gameloft, Glu Mobile and Electronic Arts.

Android games exclusively on the Xperia ™ PLAY:

  1. ™ Minecraft from Mojang
  2. Battlefield Bad Company 2 from Electronic Arts
  3. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Shadow Vanguard from Gameloft
  4. Desert Winds from Southend Interactive
  5. Ruined at Bigpoint
  6. Icebreaker ™ from NaturalMotion
  7. Sleepy Jack the SilverTree Media
  8. Cracking Sands from Polarbit
  9. Aramgeddon Squadron 2 from Polarbit
  10. Battle of Khaeon Gamestudio

Games that will soon be available on Xperia ™ PLAY:

  1. Spacetime Studios Pocket Legends from
  2. Star Legends: The Chronicles of laSpacetime Black Star Studios
  3. Eternal Legacy from Gameloft
  4. Guns’ n’Glory 2 from HandyGames
  5. Dungeon Hunter 2 from Gameloft
  6. Crescent Moon Pocket RPG from Games
  7. D.A.R.K. Developed by Gamelab
  8. Samurai II: Vengeance of the MADFINGER Games
  9. Vendetta Online from Guild Software
  10. Order & Chaos – Gameloft
  11. Happy Vikings from Handy Games
  12. A Ball Game of the Trendy Entertainment
  13. Lumines from Connect2Media

Jun 24

Honestly I always enjoyed the games of “doodle”. Even now I think Geared type games, Doodle Fit, Jump Doodle, Doodle God are the most successful mobile applications from the market.

Today I will only talk about one particular application and that is Geared, a free android application.

Geared is a puzzle game in which you are the engineer and combine the gear to put in motion all the wheels on the board work. You will rotate in different sizes, areas where you cannot put wheels, areas where you can put wheels but to move between two points, etc.

The game is like doodle. It’s so lively because it is a pleasure to play. Also, if you like to show off to friends then every 30-50 levels you will have the opportunity to become Geared Guru, Geared God, Geared Engineer etc. I leave you to discover all these achievements.


  • Superb gameplay
  • Superb graphics
  • Is free
  • Does not occupy much space and can be moved to your SD Card
  • The iOS version is paid


  • Less advanced devices can have performance problems on when you try to put more than 10 wheels on the screen.

Download Geared now.

Feb 28

All My Enemies is, in terms, a vertical space shooter. The game walks you through about 12 levels, six planets, 6 large heads attack you when you least expect it, all under a very successful graphics and music. I recommend to play in the subway, especially if you have a better-looking mobile phone with speakers!

Download All My Enemies from AppBrain.