Mar 15

Imagine that instead of simply touch with  your finger over the screen you can navigate as if a touch gesture. It’s about a new Sony technology, called Floating Touch.

This technology debuted with Xperia Sola handset, announced this week. Known in advance and as Pepper, this phone comes with SmartTags technology based on NFC and supported by Xperia S too. Well, Floating Touch is a method that allows the user to control to move his finger over the screen, and then the display will can be controlled much like when using a cursor on the desktop. If you hover over content then you can select it. Apparently Sony has come up with this idea to decrease the number of cases in which virtual buttons are pressed wrong.

How Sony achieved this performance? Well you should know that Smartphones are currently using capacitive screens and phone manufacturers can use two types of sensors: mutual and self capacitance. First has multitouch support, while the second does not. Sony chose to use both sensors simultaneously to create this “floating touch”. Self capacitive sensor is very sensitive, able to detect user’s finger at a height of up to 20 mm above the screen, but that only when a single finger is used. Interesting, right?

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