Oct 25

iPhone 4S was the first smartphone that had built the new Bluetooth 4.0 standard and the organization that manages the licensing rights to technology thought to change the name of the Bluetooth 4.0 in Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Smart Ready that brings to the attention of consumers.

Through this organization rebarnding SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) is trying to highlight Bluetooth 4.0 is the standard help develop products with complex features that can interact with gadgets around us.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced two new brand extensions to its globally recognized logo today in an effort to create consumer awareness around compatibility for new devices implementing Bluetooth v4.0

Practical the advantage of the popularity of the iPhone 4S, the SIG is trying to convince the rest of the mobile manufacturers to implement Bluetooth 4.0 technology in their products, and thus forcing manufacturers to do the same accessories.

Bluetooth Smart brings low energy consumption and efficiency in communication with the devices around us so widespread implementation would be beneficial for everyone, but now remains to be seen whether manufacturers of mobile accessories and will take the standard.

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