Aug 14

Video: BBSettings

BBSettings is a new tweak for our iDevices that are now in the testing period but it successfully replaces SBSeetings developed by BigBoss. The new tweak is special designed for iOS 5 to work only in Notifications Center so you do not install the iOS 4.

In terms of features included, you will find great things exactly the same as SBSettings but BBSettings comes with a new way to present options and menus but unfortunately it comes with a limitation in terms of compatibility with the operating system iOS 5 .

In terms of functions available, we can view information about any aspects of our device, from information about brightness and Wi-Fi to free and available memory and the processes that are open in the background.

BBSettings has included even the option to add favorite applications in a special menu where can be accessed much more easily than in the Springboard. The developers have even added the option to directly see the Notifications Center and open applications in the background so you will not have to use the Home button.

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