Apr 17

What security suite you recommend? Ideal security solution must be provided free or at a reasonable price, to have an easy interface, fast scanning, to include firewalls and anti-theft. I noticed two solutions that meet these criteria and I recommend it. Sure, maybe there are others.

Avast! Mobile Security
– is by far the solution I recommend it most warmly. Includes all the tools to cover any potential vulnerability. Scanning is fast and the database is updated regularly. For those who have a smartphone at the root, the solution offers a firewall that block internet access to designated applications. For browser we have web shield. Avast! includes the most advanced anti-theft solution with the ability to block or delete any information in the system with a simple SMS. Anti-theft solution is installed as a separate module and has the advantage of not being removed by unauthorized persons. For the best integration and this module takes root. Everything is provided free of charge.

NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus
– Another solution which I recommend. Some advanced features require the use of premium services, with payment. The application has an intuitive interface and scans quickly. The database must be updated manually, but are often made updates. There are options for data management plan and includes a firewall for those who root. Privacy Advisor provides information and recommendations on applications permissions.
Anti-theft system is also present, although not as advanced and requires the purchase of premium services. It also provided a function of location of the phone.

How can we avoid using an antivirus? You can easily get rid of any problems reading carefully the permissions field. For example, a card game that never has to access and send SMS. Install applications only from trusted sources. Need for Speed is offered only by EA Games and is not free. Be careful at the applications downloaded from unauthorized sites. You can damage the system beyond repair. Furthermore, a virus can steal the contact from the phonebook and send mail advertising (in the best case). A little vigilance is desirable in any situation.

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