Aug 01

A recent study shows that the average price of downloaded games from the AppStore is decreasing, leaving so-called freepremiun games, based on in-app that is bring more increasingly move money into the pockets of the filmmakers.

The study was done by Distimo and was conducted on a sample of 300 games selected from the most popular games from AppStore. The data show a reduction of over 28% of the price last year unloaded games. The cost of a popular game in AppStore was 2.01 $ last year to reduce then to 1.69 $ earlier this year and 1.44 $ in this month.

On the one hand prices are downing, on the other hand is becoming a more popular way of getting in-app: download free games that are leaving the player can then add new features later characters, weapons or even to complete a game. Overall, this sector generates nearly a half of the earnings of 200 popular games from AppStore.

Last year the games “freepremium” was generated only 8% of the winnings in gaming sector; in June 2011 it increased to 52% to the earnings game in the AppStore and is expected to increase by over 75% at the end of this year.

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