Aug 04

Only a month separates us from the official launch of iOS 5 in the App Store but Apple already approved the applications from App Store compatible with the new iOS 5. Applications developers of Camera + and Mashable have already launched the App Store updates for applications that specify that they are compatible with the new operating system.

Although Mashable it clear that the update brings compatibility with iOS 5, those of the Camera + say (in the style of Harry Potter) as the update brings compatibility with the operating system whose name must not pronounce it.

My opinion is that developers are rushing about in a month since Apple may launch at least one beta version of iOS 5 and many things can be changed. All work done now could be in vain but many users have installed iOS 5 and require developers to update their applications so perhaps what we see now is a response to demand of “the many”.

Acceptance of these applications does not mean that Apple will speed up launch of iOS 5 but if you have an application that does not work on iOS 5 can be good to look at the App Store to see if it has not been updated in time.

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