Sep 30

Apple engineers working on something new all the time and this time the Cupertino Company plans to “revolutionize” hard disk drive industry by launching a product that combines the components of an SSD and a hard disk platters. An application for a patent Apple presents a hybrid device that would have included both components of hard drives and SSD’s internal components, all in the idea of keeping the data safe and to provide high performances for users.

Apple basically describes a hard disk that would work in the system that keeps running raid arrays. The hybrid would have a hard disk in it parts and components of an SSD would be mainly, but the information stored on hard disk platters, they could be transferred to the SSD in the case of shock or in the event that there is a menace on the data integrity. Transfer flash storage environment would provide saving data but would provide a much faster course and access to them until these hard drive components would be replaced.

Apple’s idea is very interesting and very useful but the biggest problem would definitely be the high price of developing such a product. It would be interesting to see available the system in the future and it certainly would give Apple an edge over competitors. On the market are already present several models of hard drives like, so Apple should come with a unique product to conquer the market development?

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