Dec 19

At a conference held by Apple in China, the company revealed that in the future will give to users the ability to use AirPlay via Bluetooth but also that the restrictions regarding the compatibility of accessories with standard Bluetooth will change it.

Apple wants to provide to manufacturers of accessories for iDevices can add more functions to their products but at the same time encourages them to use the Bluetooth 4.0 standard implemented in the iPhone 4S.

Apple seems to have a plan to expand AirPlay wireless devices market to be 7 times larger by promoting iPod Accessory Protocol (IAP) via Bluetooth implemented in iOS 5. AirPlay wireless devices has only 2% of MFI program licensed yet.

Basically Apple is trying to expand iDevices that offer streaming through AirPlay to various accessories and perhaps in future we will see increasingly more audio or other devices compatible with our iDevice. It would be interesting to see accessories that allow video streaming from an iDevice but until then Apple has to keep its word and to deliver what it promised.

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