Dec 06

Many of today’s owners of iDevices expect the launch of an iPhone to come equipped with a 4 inch screen and an even better resolution and Apple seems to be interested to bring it. According to a German blog has the power of Apple engineer, the company is testing the video card drivers that should support resolutions: 960×640, 1280×720 and 1440 x 800 in iPhones. First resolutions we have it in the Retina Display but the other two are far from being able called “retina” by today’s standards and would bring many headaches for developers of applications.

According to the report, Apple is testing two sets of seven drivers each targeting either dual-core or quad-core chips. Within each set, Apple is said to be testing four drivers targeting the current 960 x 640 display size, two targeting 1280 x 720 displays and one targeting 1440 x 800 displays.

According to “Apple engineer“, the company tests every 4 sets of drivers for these resolutions and it looks like dual/quad-core processors are used to them. Yes, you read well, it seems that Apple would test the quad-core with its iPhones, which is very credible given that the first tablets with this kind of processors are starting to appear on the market. Honestly the resolution of 1280×720 and 1440×800 would very much platform fragmentation iPhone/iPod Touch if Apple would find a way to scale applications and they may end up with Android’s.

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