Sep 20

I will tell you in this article how Apple shares have reached $ 410 in U.S. but that was not the highest value that Apple shares were traded. During the day the shares were sold even with the $ 413 of piece but at the end of trading session Apple have remained at the value shares of $ 411.63, that given the beginning of the day worth just $ 395. The interesting part of this growth lies in the fact that the stock market has declined slightly yesterday, most of the companies following the same trend, Apple is the only one that substantially grew.

The yesterday increased value offers to Apple a market capitalization of 381.62 billion dollars, with 23 billion dollars higher than that of Exxon Mobil. The interesting part is that Apple with its 381 billion dollars on the stock market capitalization approaching those from Microsoft and Google combined. The two companies together have an approximately value of 404 billion dollars, with 21 billion dollars higher than that of Apple.

If things will take place today as well for Apple then you may see an increase in the company’s market capitalization to provide a greater value or equal to that of Microsoft and Google combined. Do not think that 21 billion dollars is a great value since the middle of the day Apple was worth 10 billion dollars higher than the one that ended the day.

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